Lessons from A Quarter Naked Dance

Dancers always make me wonder. They can move around their bodies according to the rhythm. But I never thought that massal dance can be difficult. Especially if they’re captured by an amateur photographer like me.

As I watched a dance by three girls from a Jogja university in Bandung Indah Plaza four days ago, I realized that slow dancing was much riskier than fast one. Coz, in slow rhythm, the motion’s difference between one dancer and the other one is so easy to be seen by the audiences.

One shawl is still on one side, the other has been away. Which one is right?

In this picture, these dancers should waste their shawls. We see that the middle dancer succeeded it well. Meanwhile, the left dancer only wasted her shawl totally in slow motion, and she still stretched her other one. The right dancer wasted her shawl in fast motion, but she still stretched her other one. Was this unintended to be? Coz if it was, I think this was a consistency which inappropriate to be seen.

How should you draw your shawl on your hand?

Last scene, the dancers lift their shawls on their left hands. Watch it, the first dancer and the third one folded drew their shawls to cover almost the whole of their lower left arms. While the second dancer only clipped the shawl between her fingers. I think they hadn’t been made consensus about how this motion should be.

This is when I realize how dancing together teaches the dancers for not being selfish. A dancer’s motion which ain’t compatible to the other dancer’s, has declined the beauty of the dance.

Dancing also teaches about assiduous attitude. Coz if they were assiduous to train adjusting each motion with the others, they’d be able to waste their shawls at the same second.


When the show was over, I held on at my side, then I zoomed the dancers who was mingling at the backstage. I always love peeping at dancers at the backstage, coz that’s when I found out that they were an ordinary human, weren’t some people who should act being someone else at the stage. There, we find out, that it’s hard to keep acting perfect all the time.

Then I crept and I captured their

backs from behind.

The show is over.

I laughed, coz the dancers were barenaked while they were dancing, but now they’d already worn their strappy shoes again. I think an official watched for their shoes as they were dancing. I was pity on them a little, coz actually there was no backstage behind the stage. There were only one chair or two for waiting their turn to show up.

Being a dancer must need a patience. A patience to wait for show up. A patience to wait for permission from manager to change their dress into normal.

And dancing also teaches us to stay fit. I salute to these Jogja girls coz they dared to dance in a quarter naked. Winter in Bandung recently have bitten much, I hope the weather transition in strange place didn’t make them catch a cold.

So, here I reveal my new blog!

People have been asking me, how have I survived to manage two blogs at once regularly?

I just answer, it depends on my consistency to think, and to share it to other people.

I wrote my first blog about four years ago at http://georgetterox.blog.friendster.com

Generally I write about common issues, and I know how I’ve got lotta friends from my blog’s readers.

I began my second blog at http://georgetterox.blogspot.com, special for Indonesian, and the blog turned into blast.

However, it’s difficult to get lotta readers for my Friendster blog as many as my Blogspot’s, coz Friendster doesn’t support friendship among its writers and its readers. While friendship is the main pillar for a blog, instead of popularity. WordPress fulfill my needs about friendship, so I decide to move my blog from Friendster into WordPress.

So, here I reveal my new blog, https://laurentina.wordpress.com