Mr Santa, Assalamu’alaikum!

I knew the concept that Santa Claus loves giving gifts. But nobody ever told me that for the concept, terms and conditions were applied. And considering this, I didn’t know why Santa Claus was never demanded with act of customer protection.

At X-mas ’06, I took my cousin and three of her kids to a fashion shop in Bandung. The place was full of shoppaholics, and to rave the party, the shop had one of its staff to pretend being Santa Claus. The man wore Santa Claus costume, complete with the thick beard, and he gave free snacks to children.

Santa Claus and wife takes photo with children. Photo from

My niece, Bill, 6, looked desiring, then I said to her, “Look at that, Bill! The Santa is giving away his gifts! D’ya want that? Go get it, now!”

My cousin pulled my shirt in panic face, and her mouth whispered to me, “Vicky, don’t, Vicky!”

I looked at her, wondering. I meant it so Bill learnt to be a brave girl, coz my niece was shy to strangers.

And then my reckless behavior dragged us to a difficult situation. Suddenly, Bill’s brother, O’a, was 4, asked by pointing at Santa Claus, “Who is that?”

That was when I found out my cousin’s mean: never parents lie to children. But she didn’t know, either, how to say the truth. Bill and O’a had learnt to read al-Fatihah since they were toddlers, and now how should we teach them about concept of Santa Claus?

Sometimes Santa wants a compensation from kids' parents , too. Photo from

Then I remembered when I was six, Santa Claus always came up near X-mas. Like any other children, I read magazine and watched TV, so it was unevitable to my curiosity about Santa. I asked my Dad, did Santa really love giving away to children who had wrote him letters? What was the address if I wanted to write Santa a letter?

Those days I loved writing my Grandma letters, so I thought that writing to Santa was supposed to be easy. Beside, I thought my Dad was clever. Imagine, my Dad knew the Kompas’ factory, thought he didn’t know people who wrote at the newspaper. So I thought my Dad should be able to give me Santa’s address though he didn’t know Santa.

My Dad laughed out loud to hear my plain question, then he said, “Oh, I don’t know where Santa lives in. Absolutely, he doesn’t live in Indonesia.”

At that moment I got disappointed coz I lived in Indonesia. “So, the kids who got the gift were only foreigners’ kids?”
(My parents taught me that Caucasians were called “foreigners”.)
“Ok, why don’t we move to another country, so I can get gift from Santa?”

*This answer only taught Indonesian kid to be mentally inlander.*

Santa Claus has been aged much and he's got near-sighted. Photo from

Now, the answer has been irrelevant to be taught to such kids like Bill and O’a, coz Santa Claus comes up anywhere in Indonesia. You walk to any malls this week, then you’ll find Santa waves to children. (Why does Santa never wave to adults? Doesn’t Santa like adults?)

O’a kept asking me who the fat man in red costume was, so his parent and me got confused to explain it. We’d like to say that Santa was an old man who loved giving away to kids. But the kids who get the gifts were the kids who acted nice at home and school, and..they should go to Sunday school each week. My cousin was afraid that O’a wanted to go to Sunday school for getting gifts from Santa. Though each week his parents told him to learn Koran review, hahahah.. May a kid enter a Sunday school by bringing Iqro book?

I didn’t forbid a toddler to change religion. I just disagreed if a kid believed in a religion only coz he wanted a gift.

“Well, Aunty, who’s that?” O’a was still asking me by pointing at Santa.

Finally, that moment I said to O’a, “Oh, I don’t know him.” I didn’t lie. Santa Claus never invited me at Friendster.

“Why don’t you ask Njeng? Njeng, who is that?” I wished my other niece, Njeng, 7, could give a concept which was more children-understandable.

Unexpectedly, Njeng answered like this, “That? Ooh.. that’s a clown!”

Me and my cousin laughed out loud instead. O’a looked satisfied, then he neared the fat clown in red costume and thick beard, then Santa gave O’a the snack away. Santa wasn’t a picky person. All children got gifts. Both Christian kids and non-Christian ones.


Oh, finally we have gifts from Santa Claus, too, though our family never goes to Sunday school. Each time I wake up at morning in my birthday, my dad always has put a gift to me on my piano. He does it to my sister, too. If Santa Claus’ concept is only limited in giving a surprise gift for good kids, then my family adopts the concept well.

Merry X-mas, fellas. Wish the X-mas makes you happy. 

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. quinie
    Dec 25, 2009 @ 22:50:40

    Why does Santa never wave to adults? Doesn’t Santa like adults?

    hihihi… creative question. Have you got the answer?


  2. fahmi!
    Dec 26, 2009 @ 06:35:44

    if only you have your very own santa claus, i believe he must be wearing a white shirt, instead of red.. :mrgreen:


  3. Bang Aswi
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 11:36:38

    apakah santa hanya memiliki baju merah? sama halnya dengan asistennya yang hanya memiliki baju hijau? apa perlambang warna2 ini bagi umat kristiani? ^_^


    • Vicky Laurentina
      Dec 28, 2009 @ 11:47:22

      Sinterklas pakai baju merah, coz baju-baju yang warna lainnya belum kering dari jemuran (maklum lagi musim salju). Schwarte Pit juga tadinya mau pakai baju merah, tapi lantaran takut dikira nyaingin boss, makanya ngalah dan pakai baju hijau. 😀


  4. carra
    Dec 29, 2009 @ 11:48:39

    banyak banget versi dari ini santa 😀 … but somehow i do love this fatty old guy back then and still now hehe…

    dulu sih pernah dikasi bingkisan sama si santa… setelah dibuka ternyata “cuma” rautan pensil wkwkwkwk 😆 … but i loved it anyway… berasa jadi anak baek… ternyata setelah banyak tahun berlalu, aku akhirnya tau bahwa mami bayar buat bingkisan isi rautan itu 😆 jaaahhh… jadi yg paling baek sih emang tetep mami aku kali ya… wkwkwkwk…


  5. de asmara
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 19:27:06

    dilema ya?di satu sisi santa dianggap ngajarin kbohongan ke anak,tp di sisi lain bisa bikin anak jd semangat jd anak yg manis 🙂


  6. fanny
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 12:34:00

    jadi wkt kecil kamu sampai mo pindah ke negara lain biar bisa dpt hadiah dari Santa? hehehe..ada2 saja.


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