Dancing on the Sun

One of the top souvenirs from Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, is colourful painting umbrellas. I doubt myself to buy this kinda cute umbrella, coz it’s created for protecting from rain, and I’m afraid that the rain will ruin the floral painting on the umbrella.

I captured this man as my train stopped at station of Tasikmalaya last week. He stood by the station, and opened his umbrellas one by one. Then he revealed from his black bag, something looked like a fan, then he waved the fan by dancing like a Balinese. Then I found out that it wasn’t a fan, you could fold it and it turned into a hat. And finally, demonstratively, he took out map from inside his bag and stretched it, so people could see that he was offering a map of highway in Java.

I regretted that I wasn’t quick enough to capture the whole of his maneuver.

And I was a little bit of sad, coz no passenger bought his stuffs.

I wish someone told him, that none of passengers in executive class train would buy things sold in a 5-minute-stop station. The method only worked for passenger of economy-class one, but where in da world would we find any economy-class passenger interested to buy painting umbrellas?

But, watching his skilled style, I assumed that this method had worked once, at least for a buyer or two. So he repeated that way, each time any train stopped, everyday, on and on. Wish someone would buy his stuffs. So his life could go on continuously.

If a poor never gives up his life, then that’s the way we must do.

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together,

Told you I’ll be here forever,

said I’ll always be a friend, took an oath, I’m stick it out till the end.

Now that it’s raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other.

You can stand under my umbrella.

Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.

Wake Me Up When Valentine Ends

I hate pink. If I buy an outfit, pink is the first color that I displace from my list.

A man in pink shirt, they said pink shows man's superiority to show up his real feelings. Really?? Photo from http://mensfashiondeals.com

Probably coz I hate the old philosophy which said that every girl should love pink. The reason is, girl should have a tender character, that’s why people have been training them to love pink. I think, the lesson only make girls become a personal with character of weak and wimpy, and that pink contains aura of sensitive character, and sensitive ain’t far away from wimpy mean.

So that’s why I dislike Valentine, coz at Valentine, people burst pink everywhere. Lotta people display prominently: pink dresses, pink roses, pink teddy bears, let any pink stuffs show up.

Silver Queen Chunky Strawberry Bar. Photo by Vicky Laurentina.

Even my favorite chocolate bar releases their variant edition in pink cover. It’s a white chocolate filled with pieces of cashews and strawberries.

I wonder, why should Valentine be pinky-winky? Is it coz Valentine is a day of love? I think it’s a misplaced correlation: Valentine -> love -> heart shaped -> sensitive feeling -> pink. Though it’s not really true. Heart is not shaped like that, that kinda shape fits more to liver. And both heart and liver are filled with blood. And blood’s color isn’t pink, but it’s reddish like gown of Scarlet O’Hara. So the man color at Valentine shouldn’t be pink, but it’s gotta be Scarlet red!

Then I think it’s a crab if Valentine should be meant as a universal love. All people always know that Valentine is only being crazy about by people who have lovers.

If men are not really comfy to show up in pink, they may start with pink in small piece, such as tie, belt, handkerchief, or even shoes. But I really hate this pink tie. Photo from http://hisfashioneye.buy.co.uk

Hallmark makes too many Valentine cards for people who wanna say romantic stuffs to their sexual-intimate partners. Have you ever found any card written, “Happy Valentine, Dearest Mom?”

So, coz Valentine only blow up pink shallowly, and all pink decoration have been aching my head when I hang out to mall recent days, I just can wish, that I just wanna get fainted, please wake me up when Valentine ends.

I haven’t been waiting for this February 14th, coz for me, everyday has been felt like Valentine. With my hunk been waking me up each morning to whisper about pretty sexy things, who da heck is gonna need Valentine?

10 Most Nonsense Luv Songs

When someone is in love, he may like to express it in everything. Girls usually dress in pink, suddenly they wanna do diet, and they put their boyfriends’ picture inside their wallets. But I’m not like that, though my feeling may be as romantic as theirs at the moment. Instead limiting food, I’ve just been doing food testing too much coz I trap myself in cooking experiments. The photo inside my wallet is still my picture, not yet the picture of me and my hunk (coz of technical reason, I see my cell’s wallpaper more often than my wallet). And I hate pink. I don’t know, briefly I’m not that romantic. Probably coz I’m grown up.

So it confuses me why fools in love can create masterpieces about love. I try to express it by writing for my blog, but my brain is stuck in writing any romantic things. I try to hunt inspirations by scanning my mp3 playlist to play love songs, but I only get the truth that most of love songs talk about cheesy things.

So here I write this, 10 most nonsense love songs. I wonder what possessed those people as they wrote these, how come they got so hyperbolic. Love seem made them couldn’t think to create rational songs. And I’m curious that one of the followed songs is your favorite.

1. I wanna lay you down on a Bed of Roses”.

Don't wanna sleep on this bed. It itches. Photo from http://honeymoons.about.com

I’m glad I’m not the girl of Jon Bon Jovi who sang this. It’s romantic, but I prefer sleeping in a bed with a warm plain sheet, instead too many pillows or even scattered by roses. Those roses can make me itch, especially if there’s any caterpillar among.

2. Everything I do, I Do It for You”. Are you sure, Bryan Adams? Everything? Shower for whom? Eat for whom? Sleep for whom? Is it not for our own good?

3. I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep, coz I miss you, babe.. that’s what Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler said in “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing”. This man absolutely had chronic insomnia coz they didn’t wanna sleep. I don’t know whether you have a man like this or not. This is not kinda my man, coz each time me and my hunk have just embraced each other, he was always the one who got tired first and fell asleep.

4. “I Knew I Loved Youbefore I met you, this is Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes’ quote, which I believe as a total bullsh*t. I never believe in love at first time, so how can you fall earlier before you ever meet her? Hayes seemed own too much crush on girls of add random in Facebook.

5. “I Swearby the moon and the stars in the sky, I’ll be there, said All 4 One. This is a lost song leading for polytheism. People should make a vow in the name of God, instead in the name of immortal. *religious wannabe MODE : ON*

6. “Kiss the Rain”, whenever you need me. Kiss the rain, whenever I’m gone too long..

Don't try this for yourself. It makes you catch flu. And it ruins your shoes.

This Billie Myers’ number is my favorite, but the lyric is such a crap. If I miss my baby and I just throw myself into the rain, I may catch a cold..

7. “Please Don’t Let this Moment End”, by Gloria Estefan. You can’t kiss him all that long non-stop. Once the stroom will be off and you’ll run out of breath. How many seconds are you able to hold a kiss without taking a breath? 30? 45?

8. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be Right Here Waitingfor you, said Richard Marx. It’s a lie, especially if the song’s applied for guys who waiting for their ladies shopping. Men always grouse if their girls wander around malls for shoes, or getting in and out stores without buying any. Though men’s job is only carrying the purchase..

9. I can’t live if living is Without You”, by Air Supply. I’ve been occupied in a long distance relationship, and I’ve awared that I must be able to shower, eat, work, though my honey ain’t by my side. All I just can’t do is, living a day without hearing my honey saying I-luv-you to me.

10.  “Your Body is A Wonderland” is John Mayer’s number which makes me shaking unbelievable. I’ve heard a lot that girls have body like Spanish guitar, but I just don’t get it how a girl can be as same as Disneyland. Your hip shakes like a merry-go-round, your eyes welcome like a Snow White’s house, and your lips take me higher than a roller-coaster.

So, I’m not a romantic person. I can’t be expected to believe in every craps mentioned in each verse of those songs. I hope my hunk doesn’t sack me of this. Coz if I have a man, I’ll love him totally, and a thousand of love songs won’t be able to express how much I love him.