Recomfy with Facebook

It’s been months recently Facebook hasn’t made me uncomfy. Lotta people wanna add me, while I had no strong enough reason to reject them. But after I approved them and legitimized them as my “friends”, I didn’t feel that some of them really wanna be my friends, proven from my unreplied messages. Then I felt that their news just contaminated my news feed, so I felt my FB news feed full of fake friends who added me for only showing off their vendors, or news that they just already this award or that award. Wasn’t that pity?

Another suck reason was they more often posted skanky applications. I got sick each time I read phrases of Farmville or Mafia Wars, yuck! I really didn’t care whose cow had just already copulated to whose cat, or who needed weapon rescue to win a battle in middle of nowhere. The true reason why I joined FB was just that I needed online address book and perhaps some news from old friends, such as who had just got master diploma, who had just had a baby, or who had just skipped job. Otherwise, nope! I felt that this was so-called too much input just overloaded my brain, coz it troubled me to manage information adequately.

Then last week I talked to Jessie Monika and she said that we could manage to prevent people coming in the news feed of our FB page. No need to remove them from friends list, so there won’t be risky to insult them to make us felt not “friendly”. Just need to click HIDE icon which appeared in every news feed.

The problem was, sometimes I was scared that I was too snob until finally I would lose friends at all. There were some occasions where I decided, not to hear anything from Jane Doe coz I felt Jane Doe ignored me, but then suddenly a few years later Jane Doe came up and asked about me. It meant, that actually Jane was still wanna keep in touch, but she was just too lazy for replying mails. So I thought that the HIDE icon which Jessie suggested must be restorable.

I opened Help Center and finally got the solution. Well, just in case I don’t want my friend Jane Doe appear in my news feed list, so if someday Jane Doe posts her status, I just need to click HIDE icon on her right side. Ever since that day, next time Jane Doe posts anything, they’ll never appear in my news feed, and I will notice any of her news only if I open up her profile.

But next time if I want Jane Doe appear back in my news feed list, I just need to scroll down to bottom of the list, then I’ll find out the icon of EDIT OPTIONS. Click it, then a new box will appear, which contains the people that we’ve hidden before. Find the icon of Jane Doe, then click it to restore. And I would get alert of news from Jane Doe again.

What about Mafia Wars, Farmville, and those other skanky games? Press HIDE icon. Then some options will appear, whether if we wanna hide Jane Doe who plays Mafia Wars, or we just wanna hide the Mafia Wars only. If we click the HIDE MAFIA WARS icon, well Jane Doe’s news will still appear except news about her activity in Mafia Wars.

I’ve just already tried this tip in recent days, and I’ve felt my FB more clear now. No more people wrote skanky status such as acted preaching which usually begun with “O ye That reject Faith! Be aware..” or “Thank God my books are sold out. To order please contact 0815xxx..”

And I got happy to read news from my friends anymore. Which seemed strange to me now, the people who appear in my FB’s news feed are monotonous, which truly never post skanky things. Perhaps, people really only use FB for posting trashes.. *LOL*

Who Says Gift is A Luck?

A teenage wrote that her friend looked as luck as Argus McSwine. Each time the friend goes for door prize or lottery, she always wins. Then each people say that she’s a lucky one. Once there was a lottery and the lucky girl prefers not submitting for it. Then her friends accuses her snobbish. So the lucky girl joined only for “pleasing” her fellas. And guess what, the lucky girl won again!

The teenage asked in her blog, is there anyone that lucky? Always lucky in every circumstances? I was gonna answer her, but there had been too many people commenting there and I didn’t think my comment would mean much. So instead, I decided to write it in my blog.. :-p


My mom won a radio compo many years ago. Accidentally, she got it coz her bank account won a lottery. It was a gift, and she kept it well.

But then, my mom was bored to listen to the radio. Radio nowadays play lotta of heavy metal, while she preferred seventies. Finally she just let the radio laid on the coffee table and long then, the radio didn’t work. The sound was dimmed, and it was a lotta noise. I was confused, how could a radio be ruined though we never used it? Was it coz it was old or it “got upset” coz we never used it?

I said, we’d rather throw the radio away. Some tramp would take it and sell it to electrical engineering students. But my mom refused wasting it, coz it was a door prize. She preferred serve it to technician.

Day by day, months have changed, and it’s been years, but my mom keeps leaving the radio in her room’s corner and hasn’t fixed it yet. I got upset. If the radio wasn’t there, the table could be used for putting my dad’s glasses coz he loves reading before sleep. Don’t they think that each inches count?


That’s a small example. I have an aunt who works for a small clinic. A few years been working there, the clinic’s owner pays her for haji pilgrimage at Mecca. She was so excited. Coz going to Mecca costs a lot, and my aunt couldn’t afford it.

Then years are gone by. My aunt is getting old. Inflations keep going on and the stuffs’ price raising higher. But my aunt don’t get more salary. While I’m sure, if only she’d work for some other place, she could live a better life.

Now she’s been more than 50. She should be retired soon. It was a heavy the working burden she’s been carrying about and she can’t get holiday even just a day. If she wanna have holiday, she must find someone for replacing her so the clinic keeps operating. But there’s no other doctor who agrees to work right there, coz the salary is too small.

My aunt doesn’t wanna get retired, either. Coz without working (in that place), she feels useless. I think she’s afraid of losing herself more than losing her job. Moreover, I feel she’s not comfy to resign coz she feels owe to the clinic’s owner who has paid her for haji pilgrimage.


Job, reward, and door prize. People often assume it as luck. We often forget that getting it sometimes lead for problems. My mom’s radio makes my pops losing space for placing things. Job troubles my aunt for retired. And free haji pilgrimage scares my aunt to resign.

Actually it’s all depending on how we manage the things that we’ve gotten. Gift may be a luck, but it can lead to suck. Any gift comes to other people, don’t always make good in our own hands. That’s why, let the gift not make us being luck, but it rather makes us being blessed.

Friend Tracking

Thanks to cell-phones, coz you don’t need to put on chip detector in your hubby’s body just to find out where he is. Three months ago my hunk invited me to join Google Latitude, which I could use for viewing which city and which street my hunk was in, including its map. I said it was an interesting application, coz I didn’t live with him, so it often made problems for me to find him out. I meant, if he was on X Street, I could ask him for buying me fried duck. Or if he was in the market, I could ask him for buying me smoke fish. (It’s all about meal wishlist! :-p)

Screenshot from Google Latitude. Photo from

But then I found out that this friend tracking by cellphone wasn’t as cool as it looked. Google Latitude was only applicable in cellphone, while my cell wasn’t sophisticated enough for using Latitude. (Made me suddenly wanna buy a new cell.)
Then, my hunk’s condition in Latitude didn’t always tell the truth. For example, if he went to mall and updated his Latitude, then the Latitude would show that he was in the mall. But if he left the mall, went home, and forgot to update his Latitude, then until forever I would always assume that he was still in the mall and I would be confused why he didn’t go home, coz I only viewed him in Latitude without contacting him directly.

Yesterday, I check my cell’s pulse, then suddenly I received notification from my cell operator that I could track my friend by pressing *250#. The instruction said that I should register the name of the friend that I would track, and then the operator would ask the friend’s permission that I wanted to track him. If the friend allowed, the operator would text me that the friend was around X Street, on Y City. If I would love to, the operator could just send me MMS, attached with the road map where the friend was. I just need to pay the SMS or MMS. Isn’t it cool, huh?

Well, I said to my hunk, “Dear, if I use this, I don’t need to ask you anymore where you are.”
I just worried that if I rang him, he was driving and he couldn’t resist to answer my phone. Although I just wanna know where he was, if he’d already got lunch or not. I didn’t like if he talked by phone while he was driving, it was dangerous.

So I register my hunk’s name. And it was so glad to get info where he was, although the notification wasn’t really accurate. The map that operator sent me showed that my hunk was in K Road. I called my hunk and he said that he was having breakfast at home in L Street, and the L Street was the branch of K Road. That’s silly, the phone’s BTS tower seemed not able to track the area that specifically.
And by the way, the SMS notification from the operator charged me about IDR 1000. While if I text my hunk to ask, I just needed to pay IDR 120. It was so overpaid only for satisfying curiosity.

I think this technology makes our life was more comfy. But immediately I aware about its big loss, it’s separating interpersonal relationship.

Actually, I phone my hunk not to find out where he is. It doesn’t matter for me whether he’s in mall, he’s at home, or he’s drinking egg tea with his partner, it doesn’t make difference to me. I ring him coz I wanna listen to his voice. His voice is entertaining and it relaxes me to notice that he’s fine.
When I text him to ask him where he is, it just covers my expression that actually I miss him. I just wanna tell him that in this big big world, there’s someone who cares about him. And waiting my phone vibrated by his reply text is a romantic sensation which nothing compares to it.

And I hate, if this friend tracking technology by phone circumcises the sensation.

I won’t use the technology too much. If I have desire, I will phone, text, or mail, or anything, and I don’t wanna use robot to find out where he is. And I don’t wish anybody except my hunk requests to track me. Coz, in the world where anybody else can find us out easily, I still wanna have a space for myself.

Saga of Little Missy

At 1886, Brazil was influenced by Republican to quit slavery of black people who was forced to work in coffee farm belonged to white lords. It was campaigned by educated youth in Araruna, a small town full of coffee farms. The hugest farm belonged to a very cruel land-owner named Coronel Ferreira (Rubens de Falco/Osmar Prado), which more well-known as Baron.

Sinha Moca (1986). Photo taken from

Coronel lived in a mansion with his playboy alcoholic cousin named Aristides. In the house also lived a pretty black maid named Maria Das Dores (Dudu de Moraes). Once upon a time Das Dores got pregnant, and she deliveried a white baby named Rafael.

Then Aristides passed away. Coronel took care of Das Dores and his baby-boy in his mansion. A year later, Coronel married a beautiful lady named Candida (Elaine Cristina/Patrícia Pillar), whom later given him a daughter named Sinha Moça, which later had nickname Missy. Then, Missy (Lisandra Campos) and Rafael (Selton Mello) grew up together like siblings.

Baron was curious that Little Missy had fallen in love prematurely with Little Rafael. So he sold Das Dores and Rafael to the São Paulo. Then Missy begged Candida to send her to a school at São Paulo, so she could execute her hidden agenda to find Rafael.

The grown-up Missy (Lucélia Santos/Débora Falabella) couldn’t find Rafael. At her school, she learnt how slavery was intolerable to human rights. So she went home, and she wanted to ask Baron for giving freedom to his slaves.

Missy tried to beg Baron for allowing Adelaide to work as her maid.

Missy tried to beg Baron for allowing Adelaide to work as her maid. Photo taken from

Missy dated a handsome lawyer named Rodolfo Fontes (Marcos Paulo/Danton Mello), a Republican who also wanted to stop slavery at Araruna. But he found out that it was so hard for approach Baron to set the slaves free, while he wanted to win Baron’s heart to let him marry Missy. So he pretended that he supported slavery.

Missy misunderstood Rodolfo’s manouvre and she fell back into Rafael (Raymundo de Souza/Eriberto Leão), who returned to Araruna with a new identity named Dimas, an educated guy who worked as a journalist in a newspaper of Augusto (Luis Carlos Arautin/Carlos Vereza). Actually Rafael was in undercover to Araruna coz actually he wanted to kill Missy’s dad.

This serial doesn’t only talk about Republican’s courage to fight the slavery which covered in awkward love story about Missy and Rodolfo. It also exposes other issues, such as girls’ effort to be prominent like men, but their way were inhibited by their own gender. A girl named Ana Texeira (Patrícia Pillar/Isis Valverde), which was forced by her own mom, Nina (Norma Blum/Gisele Fróes) to be veiled for the name of a Catholic saint, since she was a little girl and only might open it when she had already married Rodolfo.

The caste friction also happened to a white lawyer guy named Dr Jose Coutinho (Tato Gabus/Eduardo Pires), who wanted to marry Baron’s beautiful black slave named Adelaide (Solange Couto/Lucy Ramos). His dad (Ivan Mesquita/Orton Bastos) refused it coz shame of having a black daughter-in-law. While Adelaide had been engaged to a black slave named Justino (Antõnio Pompéo/Alexandre Moreno). Adelaide was stressed coz she loved the white Jose more than the black Justino.

Baron’s slaves were suffered coz they were tortured by a slave hunter (Tony Tornado). This hunter was a black who thought that he was a white. Baron freed one of his slave, Virginia “Bá” (Chica Xavier/Zezé Motta), to breastfeed Missy as Missy was a baby, and to provide enough breast-milk, Baron sold Bá’s baby-boy. Bá never knew that actually Baron kept the baby in slave village, grew him up and named him Bastião (Cosme dos Santos/Fabricio Boliveira), and employed him as his mansion’s servant to keep him close with Bá.

While Baron’s slaves were dying to be free, there were Justo (Grande Otelo/Gésio Amadeu) and Ruth (Jacyra Sampaio), ex-slaves who refused to live free and prefer serving the family of Rodolfo.

There are lotta grey characters here. Fool Frei Jose (Claudio Correa e Castro/Elias Gleizer) who defended to slave’s rights but afraid of Baron. Fulgencio (Gésio Amadeu/Sérgio Menezes), Baron’s slave who pretended being blind to trick the slave hunter. And Antero (Claudio Mamberti/Jackson Antunes) who betrayed Republican coz he didn’t wanna lose his job as Araruna’s sheriff.

The serial also mentioned typical issue of soap opera. Rodolfo’s brother, Ricardo (Daniel Dantas/Bruno Gagliasso), kept chasing Ana coz he thought Ana was beautiful beyond her veil. But after Ana got her cover opened up, Ricardo just got a crush on Dona Candida who was much older than him. Candida, was suffered under Baron’s pressure coz she couldn’t give him a son.

Rafael refused Missy’s love. He had got a crush on Juliana (Luciana Braga/Vanessa Giácomo), grand-daughter of Augusto who had been his shelter. The blue Missy, couldn’t understand Rafael’s refusal, coz Rafael kept his secret that actually he wasn’t biological son of Das Dores with Aristides. Instead, his biological father was Baron, and Baron really never noticed that actually he had already owned his dreamt son, and too bad that the son came up from a black woman..

The serial was made secondly at 1986, and played in Indonesisa about 1990 each Sunday afternoon. It was my favorite serial coz it’s fully loaded by political issue. Now, Sinha Moça/Little Missy had been remade for third time in 2006, and it was played on Indonesia in CT Channel, 7 PM, from Monday-Friday.