God Doesn’t Sleep When They Play Football

Ever since 2006, practically I quit watching football at tv. Technically, coz those days my internship in the hospital got much busier, and each time I came home it always ended me on the bed, so there was no time for sleeplessly watching football. Then technically, the main reason of me watching football was coz I thought that the football field was a venue of sweaty handsome guys. That was why I lost my cheer ever since my favorite players began to doom. I remember those years, Fillippo Inzaghi wasn’t played often, David Beckham was “boo”-ed coz he loved his wife more rather than loved his coach, and.. Zinedine Zidane got retired. I asked myself, if I couldn’t see something beautiful on the field, then why would I stay to watch the football?

Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi crashed their heads in final match of France vs Italy at World Cup 2006. Italy won the game after Zidane was sent out from the field after this incident. Photo from http://sports.ca.msn.com

I was so upset on Zidane’s last match. I remember it was the final match of World Cup ’06 at Germany, France vs Italy. I wrote it down here, that Marco Materazzi closed Zidane from his back. Zidane got annoyed, and next thing was, both of them were googling each other, face to face. Nobody knew what Materazzi said to Zidane, suddenly Zidane got mad and he horned Materazzi. The referee saw it and..pffiit! The red card waved to Zidane’s face. I shout out watching the TV, “Whuaat..?!” Zidane looked shock, his face looked wanna say a word, but it didn’t seem coming out easily. And then so it went, Zidane walked slowly aside.. and he never came back anymore.

Even after the World Cup ended, people couldn’t talk about Italy’s winning, without inserting how Zidane was grounded from the field, which broke every French players’ mental and then they gave up on Italian feet. Why did Zidane horn Materazzi? Why did Zidane get pissed of? What had Materazzi done to Zidane?

So finally after lotta FIFA’s court, then there heard unpleasant rumour. That as those guys were googling each other, actually Materazzi assaulted Zidane’s mother.

I was heart-broken. No wonder Zidane was upset! But nobody could prove that Materazzi assaulted Zidane on the field, those football players didn’t put microphone on their collars so everybody couldn’t hear what they said as they were playing. But people were disappointed coz the racist fight turned the game to 11 on 10 people only, and that won Italy. Sorry, but did a team deserve to win after its player saying unmannered words to its opposite?

Nobody could turn back the time. It was over. The World Cup first prize remained to Italy, no matter Italian player behaved poorly on the field. Materazzi as the provocator only got small detention, while Zidane was grounded for social work (coz before the World Cup was held, Zidane had stated that he would hang his shoes after the competition was over). France was hurted.

And people believed more in Italy’s bad attitude after the bribery scandal in Lega Calcio was undercovered. Serie A was contaminated coz the match score had already managed even ever since the game begun, so the winning would always stay on big clubs. Italy might have great players, but the unfair mental made the league dirty.

Robert Vittek of Slovakia could not resist his cheer after he put his second goal on Italy's net at Slovakia vs Italy in classification match at World Cup 2010 in Johannesburg. Photo from http://arabnews.com

In World Cup 2010, Italy finally found met its end. After unsatisfying match versus underdogs Paraguay and New Zealand, Italy only had a chance to get the Top 16 if they could beat Slovakian underdogs. Meanwhile, Slovakia wasn’t last-year-boys. The Czech’s new piece country was in their top mood to burn their nationalism as a new nation, and accompanied the fact that they were so underdog, practically avoided them from burden to be champion. Last night, in Johannesburg, Slovakia slayed Italy in a hard match full of head-to-head hits, and as the referee whistled to sign that the match was over, nobody could Italy did except crying a river, after the previous champion was beaten painfully, in score of 2-3.

The champion of World Cup 2006, must go home earlier from World Cup 2010, only because they didn’t come up to Top 16.

That’s what they got if they won the World Cup in forbidden way. God cursed them only in four years. Who said God didn’t watch football?

Dude, Italy's glory on football is over. Photo from http://reuters.com

I wanna know how Zidane’s expression as he watched the match. How he reacted to a team which hurted his heart four years ago, now only could go home with nothing in their hands.

This week, Italy and France, finalists of World Cup 2006, would hold their reunion. This time the venue wasn’t held in the field, but.. in the departure room of the airport.

Vuvuzela.. Whaddup?

At the opening of World Cup last weekend, I switched over the tv channel coz I thought something wrong had happened with the tv retriever due to the noise. As I turned over to another channel, the noise persisted. I turned on another channel which didn’t broadcast the World Cup, and the noise was gone. So I wondered around, couldn’t Indonesia retrieve the broadcasting from South Africa adequately?

The noise persisted in each match. I began to be curious that South Africa was inhabited by some certain hard-eradicated bees or flies, and there were lotta of their populations around the stadium. I sympathized the official of World Cup, coz I thought they couldn’t provide insecticide for a dense insects–populated  area like South Africa. I had just awared after I read Hedi Novianto’s tweet, that those “insects” actually were vuvuzela.

Certainly, vuvuzela is a custom horn instrument of South Africa, a long plastic pipe. It was named vuvuzela, coz if we blow it up, it will reveal voice “vuvuu..

It’s a unique experience to watch World Cup at South Africa, coz this is the first time of an international football match which its spectators bring instruments which potentially annoy the players’ concentration. Lotta players have complained that the vuvuzela sound spread to the whole stadium, and it make players on the field can’t shout to their partners coz the players’ voices are covered by vuvuzela’s sound.

If you think vuvuzelas make noise on the football match that you watch on tv, you don’t need to condemn that the tv channel is uncool. Almost all station complain that the vuvuzelas inhibit the sound that they broadcast. Though actually they’ve put their camera mics far from spectators who bring vuvuzela.

The World Cup officials complain that vuvuzelas trouble them to manage the spectators. It’s hard to announce if someone’s car stand in some others’ way, or warn the spectators to be careful from thieves, coz the official’s announcement are covered by vuvuzela.

For the 2010 World Cup, official wanted to ban spectators from bringing vuvuzela. But the banning is cancelled. Coz, vuvuzela have been longing as Southern Africans custom instrument; forbidding vuvuzela is same as banning local cultures. It’s unfair if we approve the World Cup to be held at South Africa, while we ban the local spectators bringing their traditional instrument. Finally the official decide to allow spectators bringing vuvuzela, if it’s not more than one-metre length.

Maybe any other football organization can learn the lesson well. If we wanna hurd up a city to hold a football match, we just don’t have to find a city which has big fine-cut-grass stadium, or field which is adequate for pre-match exercise. But make sure that the local spectators aren’t noisy enough to bring sounds which may annoy the players’ concentration.

If you watch the matches right in South Africa, I hope you have completed yourself with immunization. Coz, flu virus and bacteris can spread by droplet which revealed out from vuvuzela’s mouth which blown by the infected person. It’s only one person who blows the vuvuzela, who’s caught flu, but the whole stadium can be communicated by the disease.  Perhaps South Africa must release some regulation that someone who wanna blow vuvuzela should have free-flu certificate!

Have a great match! If your favorite team loses the match, don’t be sad coz it doesn’t mean that your favorite team isn’t good enough. Maybe, your favorite player has got confused in the field coz its team’s voice have been covered by vuvuzela..

Summarizing the Crisis of Identity

If I were a Jewish, I’d regret that my ancestor and I were born in Israel.

An Israeli soldier prays before entering the Gaza Strip in January 2009. Photo posted by Elias at http://gerontios48.files.wordpress.com

When a kid grows up in a Jewish family in Israel, the Jewish culture teaches him as a part of introvert fraternity membership which acts paranoid to people from non-Jewish, whether Muslim or Christian. Muslim hates Israel especially coz Israeli army which mostly is Jews pays responsible to make Palestinians suffered. Christian hates Jewish coz according to Bible, Jews have caused Jesus Christ die on the cross. That’s why there’s no way else for Jews to make friends except with their own people. Marry the same Jewish, work for Jewish government. Opening their society for other group is suitable if it’s assumed to increase financial profit.

Israeli Soldier Girls in winter gear having fun during a break. Photo uploaded by Danielle at http://farm4.static.flickr.com

As those kids grow up to adult, they face compulsory service which is mandatory to all of the people, whether male and female. In the compulsory service, they are gonna be employed as Zionist soldiers, which serves for defense of Israel’s territory. They are gonna get adequate education, good diet, and even home. But as the consequence of their duty, they must shoot innocent people which assumed (by their generals) disturbing Israel’s authority.

Israeli soldiers cry after Palestinian gunman killed three coleagues in the Netzarim settlement in Gaza Strip October 24, 2003. A gunman killed three Israeli soldiers, including two women, in a joint attack on a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip on Friday in a joint shooting and grenade attack by the two main Palestinian Islamic militant groups. Photo by Tsafrir Abayov, for Reuters.

There are only a few conditions which can set them free from the compulsory service. Such as, if they’re Arabic Israeli, or if they have physical disability or mental disorders, or if they are married women or women with children, or if they are men who studied becoming nun.

Luckily, the compulsory service doesn’t apply for long for everyone. Each man must become a soldier only for three years, while girls are allowed for two years. These youth are admitted the compulsory service until finish, but most of them prefer not lengthen their contract. War makes much of them prefer becoming refugee to other countries, so they can live in peace without getting annoyed by duty to kill innocent kids.

Pash Peissakhovitch was employed in a combat unit at West Bank, made him couldn't see his girlfriend Naomi Papo who also was a soldier for IDF. They couldn't run their relationship as romanticly as it was supposed to be. Photo by Rachel Papo, for National Geographic.

Problem comes up as they have crisis of identity. Some of them wanna keep their Israel citizenship, coz their parents prefer living in Israel, though they must bear consequence for being condemned by the whole world, everyday. Some other wanna be a citizen of other countries (States are favorite destination, thanks to the close Jewish fraternity), but it’s inhibited coz their conservative Jewish parents insist to stay in Israel. Some other get trouble coz they’re declined by the refugee countries, coz politically the new countries refuse accepting immigrants, especially immigrants with inadequate educational background. Even those who officially become other country’s citizen still get curiosity, due to their Jewish identity history which is religiously sentimental condemned.

Israeli soldier, probably are soldiers whose sleeps are annoyed mostly in this earth. As an individual, they wanna ruin their identity as Jewish peacefully, but they can’t live socially except they execute political will of Israeli government. As they become the executor soldiers, what they do is condemned throughout the world coz they disturb human rights of the other nations. Even after they have done their military compulsory, they still can’t live well as Israeli, thanks to their cruel government who’s cursed by lotta people.

These Jews may not be ever rest in peace.