Ouch! You Shouldn’t Carry It That Way!

Sometimes, fussy husband sucks. My cousin told me, that in early years of her marriage, her husband often told her, if she carried a bag which had long rope, never sling it on your chest. If she carried the bag on her left side, lay the rope on her left shoulder, and vice versa. I wonder, that her husband was a man, but how did he care that much about my cousin’s way carrying a bag?

Hold your bag on your hand, never sling it on your chest. Photo from http://ioffer.com

She’d just told me the story recently, and I replied her, “Of course you sling it on the counter side. You got little toddlers.”

Today, I’m surprised about how fast I judge a lady only from the way she carries her bag.  Just now my cousin and me realized that my cousin’s husband was right. A gorgeous bag doesn’t deserve to be laid on the shoulder, and then get slang on the chest like a postman bag. It ruins the bag’s design.

Don't put your handbag next to your foot! It's a handbag, not footbag!

But my cousin and I also understand why women do that. It doesn’t mean that they’re not alert about fashion, but it’s just coz they’re overbothered. It’s so hard to be a woman, she must bring a bag to save her wallet and her phone, but she must watch her toddlers running around like puppies. So the solution is, woman must hold her kids’ hands, and that troubles her to hold her own bag. So she slings her bag on her chest, coz lays the rope on her shoulder will make her bag falling down easily if she must hold her kids who love jumping around.

I take the photo in last weekend’s symposium. The lady did a big mistake, she put her bag next to her chair’s foot. Well, it’s ok for doing this if your bag is a backpack, but not if it’s a lady’s handbag. Handbag belongs to hand, so it must be put gorgeously on the chair, not on the floor. It doesn’t affect even if the floor has carpet on it, coz carpet remains for foot not for hands. And lady’s

This one works for me! Photo from http://designersplanet.org

handbag ain’t equal to foot, coz it’s like announcing that we may step on what lady carries.

The other mistake of women in carrying a bag is carrying too many stuff inside their bags. As if it’s not enough to bring wallet, cells, and cosmetics, women also bother to load umbrella, so it burden their bags. I even often torture my bag by bringing sandals, and it ruins my bag due to overloaded. That’s why I don’t belong to small bags, oversized bags suit more to me coz only God knows what are inside my bag..

Hard Visitable

I really wanna go home to Oz. I call it home, coz I lived there a while 14 years ago, in a very welcoming family in Sydney. The family took good care of me like its own daughter, and I know its house is the first place I wanna run to if I can return to Oz.

When my cousin moved to Sydney for her master study, it made me drooling to get there. Several times she’s been asking me to visit her, and I’ve been longing for a good chance. Now it’s spare time for me, and I think it’s wonderful if I spend a week or two in my cousin’s apartment by leisure.

And, it’s not easy. It takes visa to enter Australia. There are lotta application to apply if a foreigner wanna get there.

Visa application form for Australia. Image from http://bentroad.wordpress.com

One of the application mentions that I must apply an invitation from the person in Oz. It does a matter, who invites me, how he/she relates to me. If

I’m invited by my cousin, the cousinship must be explained in a legal document. I must apply my birth certificate to declare my mother’s name. Then I must also apply the birth certificate of my cousin to declare her mother’s name, and finally the family certificate which declares that my mother and my cousin’s mother are sibblings. That’s impossible coz the family certificate was stored by my grandpa, and he passed away seven years ago.

The embassy of Australia also requires for the bank account record of mine in the last three months which informs that I own a certain amount of cash money. This time I assume it’s ridiculous, as if people who are allowed to visit Oz are only people who have close relations there, and they should be rich. As if Oz refuse visits of poor people who just wanna hang out.

In fact, it’s just a simple intention of me. I just wanna go backpacking and spend days in my cousin’s place, like slumber parties we usually did when we were still little girls. It’s just incidental that she lives on Australia and I live on Indonesia. But the bureaucracy won’t seem easy enough.

I compare Australia to other countries such as Singapore or Malaysia. Those countries are dying so much for income, so they open up their gates widely for foreign tourists. It doesn’t seem so about Australia. The White Policy that they run so closely, so the government gives problems for immigrants to access it. Tourists may enter, if they have kids or parents who live on Oz. Or if they are under responsibility of travel bureau.

Otherwise, no way to go.

Too bad. Coz, I really wanna go to Oz again.

Should It Be Real Time?

I live in Indonesia, and it has time zone difference five hours faster earlier than South Africa. The time zone difference does a matter coz all Indonesian are crazy about the World Cup held in South Africa. Lotta people decide to be up all night for watching the live match. For example, this week, the Top 16 phase is broadcasted live at 9 pm and 1 am. If people insist to watch both of them, it’s confirmed that they just already sleep at 3 am.

Including my dad. Each night he watches the matches. He supports for Netherlands, but he also watches other teams’ matches. I watch them, too, but I determine my time limit that at 11 PM I should go to bed. I don’t want the Round Leather make black circles under my eyes.

And according to the tv station, if they run live a match tonight, they’re gonna re-run it again at midday. As if they wanna give chance to people who fell asleep when watching the live match, to be able to spectacle it though it’s already too late. Some other people even have watched fully its live match, then they watch the re-run match again the next day. As if they wanna memorize every goals created.

My mom hates the World Cup coz my dad’s habit to turn on the tv in their bedroom for watching football noises the room. Almost every night my mom wishes that the electricity will get stroke, and thank God the wish hasn’t come true. Mother’s prayer always works out,  but I think sometimes the special authority is abused. And my mom is confused, if a match is gonna be re-ran the next midday, why my dad should wake up at night for watching it live.

Football has made people think irrationally. It’s true, you’d rather watch the re-run match at midday, than fighting for dizziness as you watch the live match at night. Beside, you watch or do not, it doesn’t affect the game, is it? It’s different from watching it on stadium, if we shout out loud by the field, there’ll be probability the player will hear our mockeries and it’s gonna induce him to play better, so our favorite team can be able to win. It never works that way as you watch in tv. You shout or do not, the goal will still happen, the slow player will run slowly, no difference about it.

Then I think, watching football is about trend, too. It doesn’t feel great when you present in your office in the morning without talking about last night’s match’s result. Imagine if we prefer present and waiting for re-run match, perhaps we’ll look out of date rather than fellas who buzz about why Slovakia’s Robert Vittek is tackled on the penalty box by Dutch liberos at the additional time. People wanna stay up to date. They wanna be part of an event though it’s only by watching tv. They wanna be an history. And the sensation can’t be felt only by watching the re-run match. That’s why they prefer waking up at night for watching the live match, so they can witness how the history is created.

Today is July 3th, the quarter final matches are about to begin, Argentina vs Germany and Uruguay vs Ghana. I hope those Argentines and Ghanaians will win. Thank God tomorroq is Sunday, so I have reason for waking up lately. This World Cup really has ruined my sleeping beauty schedule.. 😀