Tricky about Psychotest

Have you ever done any personality test? Personality test is one kinda lotta psychotests, which determine the personality of the person. Usually personality test is held by institutions which recruit certain people for selecting people who apply for submitting into their institutes. Such as for example, in recruiting new employees or for scholarship offers.

Well, personality test always drives me paranoid. Each time I run it, it always successfully makes me insane. Though I feel normal, except that I often catch myself smiling alone when I’m reading internet, or that I never feel enough to have ice cream before three portions (portions, not scoops!).

Those experts were trying to looko what's inside my soul. Photo from

Those experts were trying to looko what's inside my soul. Photo from

The psychotest won’t seem that horrible if I don’t know that result of the psychotest will affect me to gain something. Why should we do psychotest if we apply for scholarship? If from a psychotest a man is concluded that he loves watching sexy ladies, should he be rejected to be an employee? If a woman is found out that she prefers fixing car machine better than being a florist, should she be rejected to gain design scholarship?

So, when I must do a psychotest, it freaks me out coz I try hard to make me looks “allright”. It’s not easy, coz I’m honest, I say yes when it’s yes, I say no when it seems no. And my answer is always depending on my mood.

For example, if I must answer a question, “I feel someone watching me.” I will say No. Coz I always lock my window and I close my curtain as I go to bed, so I believe nobody will peep on me.

But if in a journey to the examination place I pass a lobby where I know that some guys are looking at the way I walk, then I’ll make sure that I’ll answer Yes.

So, could it be concluded that I’m a careless person or an histrionic?

But none of those answers that I expect to be the conclusion of my psychotest. I don’t wanna be assumed as a careless lady, coz people will think that I don’t care about work. I don’t wanna be assumed as an histrionic, either, coz it’ll impress that I’m snob. But if I become a student I can’t be snob, coz that will compete the teachers’ snobbish, won’t it? So what kinda answer should I make for personality test?

Finally last week I decided to make appointment with psychologists. I said that I wanna manipulate my psychotest. Coz I didn’t wanna be impressed too reckless, to be able to be invited in a high-salary work environment with a sophisticated-enough work situation. The psychologist laughed out loud. She said, the examiner of my psychotest must be trickier than me who answer it. In about 500 questions of the test, though I try to cover my personality side which I wanna hide, finally it’ll be uncovered up.

The other psychologist even tells me, that the result of personality test is not absolute. Even if someone resulted in the psychotest looked abnormal, it’s not always true that he’s not normal. Even a sane person who’s absolutely fine, can look stress while he’s doing the psychotest. Though it could be, fear that the test result will impress bad to him, tends him to write the only good things about him and he just becomes stress coz he’s afraid of wrong impression.

So have you ever done any psychotest for testing your personality? I have, and it’s not a pleasant experience. That’s when I feel that I have double personality, between confusing to be myself, and try hard to be a personal which seems wanted by other persons, for gaining what I want.