Add This, Cut There, at Harry Potter

Well, that’s why we call it movie. A hundred and thirty minutes duration won’t be enough to manifest the whole imagination of Joanne Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows novel. Warner Bros seemed also aware that not all of audiences understand much about Harry’s seven-sequels-story, it looked that some of people who arrived to cinema were people of “beginners” class (my nickname for people who never read Harry Potter-s at all). The compensation is, Warner Bros was pushed to use “cut here” strategy, where they didn’t play some scenes, thuogh actually those scenes mattered to explain why lotta odd things had happened along Harry’s epic. Or they did also “add this” strategy, where they added some scenes which Joanne never wrote at all in her original book, only for dramatical effects to entertain the audience. Here I describe, -snob like Rita Skeeter-, curious facts about different details between the book and the movie versions. Can you find any other differences, please? *wink*

To protect Harry Potter from Death Eaters, Alastor Moody ordered Hermione, Ron, Fleur Delacour, Dung, Fred, and George Weasley to dress up like Harry.

Book Version: To make Polyjus Potion for Harry Potter’s fellas who covered as Harry, Harry gave his own hair as ingredient.

Movie version: Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) rejected the idea at all coz it endangered his fellas, so Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) revoked Harry’s hair unallowed.

It’s funnier to see Hermione pull his hair and he could only shout, “Aww!”

Ginny never stopped loving Harry though Harry had left her.

Book version: Ginevra Weasley was intended to steal the chance to kiss Harry, by taking him into her room. They couldn’t continue it as Ronald Weasley stepped in and made them embarassed.

Movie version: Instead of kissing in Ginny (Bonnie Wright)’s room, but they did it in the kitchen. And the one who caught them in the act was George Weasley, who mocked them by pretending taking cup of coffee and greeted, “Morning..”

Laugh out loud! Looked authorized and had one of his ear been cut, George made that “please-slap-me” look..:p

Book version: Harry, Hermione, and Ron (Rupert Grint) fought against Death Eaters in a Muggle’s cappucino cafe and the Muggle got fainted.

Movie version: Along the fight in the dining room, the Muggle was in the kitchen and she couldn’t hear any noise coz she was using walkman!

Hollywood, Hollywood.. ck, ck, ck.. *shaking my head*

Dobby and Kreacher explained to Harry and friends how they arrested Dung.

Book version: Kreacher kidnapped Mundungus Fletcher (Andy Linden) alone to Grimmauld Place #12.

Movie version: Kreacher didn’t do it alone, he was assisted by Dobby.

Warner Bros shouldn’t have been that busy. Making extra elf for this scene didn’t really make effect.

Harry spelled the Death Eaters who tried to catch him and Mary in the elevator of Ministry of Magic.

Book version: Harry rescued Mary Cattermole and twenty or so Muggle-born witches from the Ministry of Magic, and Ron didn’t help him.

Movie version: Harry saved Mary (Kate Fleetwood) only, but Ron helped him.

It might be difficult to cast 20 extra actors only for making them running in a five-minutes scene. Only the funny part was as Hermione looked jealous when she saw Mary kissed Ron, coz Ron covered as Mary’s husband.

Book version: Fenrir Greyback only met Hermione once, when she was arrested by Snatchers which was led by Fenrir.

Movie version: Except the arresting scene, actually Fenrir had met Hermione once before, but Hermione has protected herself by spell so she could get invisible. It tensed coz as a werewolf, Fenrir could smell Hermione’s perfume.

Warner Bros intended to make the scene, to tense Harry so he would tell Hermione, not to wear perfume anymore. Well, if Harry didn’t say it, Ron wouldn’t assume that Harry has smooched her and he wouldn’t leave Hermione, would he? :p

"Bagshot" tried to beg Harry to follow her into her house.

Book version: As Harry was hanging around in Godric’s Hollow, when a lady asked him to follow him into her house, Harry asked her once if she was Bathilda Bagshot (Hazel Douglas). Harry entered the house coz she confirmed.

Movie version: Harry dared instead to follow her without asking first.

Harry was stupid.

Book version: Peter Pettigrew died as his fake arm strangulate his own neck.

Movie version: No scene described that Peter died.

Probably the actor was still contracted until the eighth episode, LOL..

Hermione must let him go.

Book version: Dobby only mentioned two words before he died, “Harry.. Potter..” Then Harry carried him to bury him.

Movie version: Before dying, Dobby spoke a long “oration” about a minute. Then Dobby died, and Hermione carried him.

I think, the long oration as Dobby’s dying which killed him. He must’ve got apnea! But it wasn’t logical, that Hermione’s arm was wounded coz Bellatrix Lestrange had just already tortured her, how could she carry any corpse?