Curiousity Kills

My hunk’s cell broke ever since a week ago. It was the malfunction of his “a” keypad, so he couldn’t type “a”. Each time he wanna wrote me a message, he should replace every “a”-s to “4”. So for example each time he wanna say, I wanna have breakfast with you at that place, he would replace it to I w4nn4 h4ve bre4kf4st with you 4t th4t pl4ce. Trust me, that kinda writing really ruined my eyes.

Ever since we found that the damn keypad was broken, I had told him to take it to mechanic center. But he declined. He said, the “a” keypad was labile, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. He thought it was a software error, so he thought that he could fix it by himself if he got the software that he needed.

Actually our friend who lived in another town had got the software, so we waited for the appropriate day to meet her. But at the day when we were supposed to meet the friend, she got sick so she couldn’t rescue my hunk’s cell.

It was making me sad to see that my hunk got blue coz he was worried about his cell. I know he loved his cell, and almost all of our activities depended on cell-messaging. He didn’t smile for a week, his mood declined significantly, and he felt discomfort on his gastrointestinum. I knew that he had been fit, so if he felt stomachache, it meant that he was awfully stressed.

Finally he listened to me. He announced on internet that his cell was broken, and he asked for recommendation about service center for his cell brand (coz we finally found out that Research in Motion had no authorized service center in our town). Someone gave him an address on Margorejo, and this afternoon, I accompanied him there.

The truth was, we just need to replace the keypad. It wasn’t about software error. We waited for the mechanic fixing the cell, and in an half hour, the “a” letter revealed on the screen. My hunk’s mood boosted, as high as rupiah raised after dollar fell down.

Then I thought, why didn’t my hunk get the cell straight away to mechanic ever since last week?

It's like pushing a bookshelf on your own hands. You struggle, and you try hard to find out whether you can solve it yourself. Photo from

This is the moment when I learn that my hunk was testing his strugglement. He wanna prove his hypothesis by his own, that his cell was broken coz of software error. Indeed, it was proven that it wasn’t about software error, but it was just about keypad error. But his whole-week effort proved that my hunk wasn’t a quitter, he didn’t just throw the problem to mechanics to be solved.

I understand how a curiousity kills. Curioosity why a keypad can be ruined, and whether we can fix it by our own. Perhaps we should try to solve our own curiousity. Maybe after we’ve found the answer, we’ll feel more satisfied, much more than when we let someone else answer it for us.