Balinese Sedative

I wanna be free-insomnia, but I don’t wanna take any sedatives such as alprazolam, diazepam, or anything “-am”-s. Second reason, I’m afraid of being addicted. Third reason, I’m afraid that its effect is much longer than I thought (yes, I know these drugs won’t make me sleepy for days, but with my reputation that often fell asleep at Law class, probably I’m really a sleepy-head?)

First reason? Coz these drugs are hard to get, even at the chemist near my apartment. Only a few place sells them, and it’s often depended on the existence of psychiatrist nearby..

I’d got lotta tips to sleep easily at night. Turn off the lights, listen to lullaby music, and put the cell away from your head when you’re going to bed. Nothing works for me, Folks. There’s only one tip that I hadn’t done: Lavender essential oil.

They said, when you’re going to bed, pour a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow.

I couldn’t find the lavender oil on the conventional supermarket nearby. Everytime I came to those smells-like-incense ethnic shops, usually the oil costs too much. I just need a few drops, instead of a full bottle..

So, when I got to Bali two weeks ago, I found the lavender oil in a lotta souvenir shops. It costs little enough, and the bottle is not really large. So I brought one away home.

At home, I drop the oil on the pillow cover. Firstly I wasn’t excited, coz the omzet of the sleep didn’t start quickly, coz 15-30 minutes after I smelled the pillow, I hadn’t fallen asleep. But after an hour, I fell asleep, tight, and…when I woke up, the sun had risen high!

This oil works better than sedatives, hihihihi.. *grinned like those pigs at Angry Birds*

And of course, the adverse effect existed. When I woke up, I looked at my face on the mirror, and I almost screamt. My face looked like oil well!

*immediately ran to shower room and washed my face*

I thought the oil would steam on the air.. *straight face MODE : ON*

I’m good enough in counseling about drugs usage, but I’m not capable of using aromatherapy oil.

Lavender essential oil. Smells like nyong-nyong.

Can anybody teach me, please? My hunk said that I was supposed to drop the oil on the pillow, instead on the pillow cover. Well, I was afraid that the oil would ruin the pillow if I dropped the oil right on it.. (Didn’t I care enough about the pillow cover?)

How to Comment My Blog by Your Social Network ID

Long time haven’t been blogwalking, today I’m surprised coz WordPress has improved its performance by adding identity columns of Facebook and Twitter for commentators. Allrite..yippie! Now my fellas who wanna comment in my blog and perform their identities but have neither gravatar nor private URLs, can show up their photos based on their private accounts of Twitter of Facebook.

Press the Twitter icon for inputing your Twitter username.

Please view the first image, this is comment box for Tweeps. Pay attention that there are four icons under the comment box: Guest icon, WordPress icon, Twitter icon, and Facebook icon. If you wanna comment by your Twitter username, please press the Twitter icon,  so the icon will connect you to Twitter. Enter your Twitter username and your Twitter password as usual, then your Twitter gravatar will come up under the comment box. Please press the Post Comment icon, and your comment will get into my blog 🙂

Press the Facebook icon for enter your Facebook password.

Don’t have any Twitter usernames? It’s ok, you can use your Facebook acoount. As you see in the second image, please press Facebook icon, then you’ll find request for inputing the e-mail that you use for Facebook, accompanied with your Facebook password. After you’ve done, then your picture profile of Facebook will come up. Please press the Post Comment icon, and wait until your comment is approved on my blog 🙂

Have no URL, have no Facebook account, neither Twitter account? Oh dear, make one! .. :mrgreen: