When Coffee Meets Asian Gourmets

For years along, Indonesian restaurants have only enjoyed coffee as additional drink for instance of tonic or antisedative. When Starbucks established its first counter in Indonesia at 1996 and introduced coffee as its cafe’s main course, less people believed that people could come to a restaurant just for having a cup of coffee. Indonesian still believed that a person should leave a restaurant with full stomach, and having just a cup of coffee with a piece of cake couldn’t make you full. Then Indonesian coffee businessmen began to think how to raise coffee as the main star of restaurant by adapting to Indonesian tongue’s taste which still adored spicy foods. My Kopi-O! answered the challenge by dishing local coffee which is collaborated with Indonesian tongue-friendly’s Eastern Asian taste.

The kopi tarik is in the cup, not in the purple dress.

I came to its outlet in Gubeng coz I was provocated by the photo which was taken by Jie Kusumo when he got there. The place provided lotta kinda tasteful coffee, from the pure one such as warm espresso to the modified blends with liquor. My hunk preferred kopi tarik, and My Kopi-O! dished it in five minutes only with a cracker. I was dying for ice and ordered coffee toffee, and the barista came out bringing my coffee in a big half cone glass and dished it with grated chocolate. I sucked it, it felt like drinking coffee by sipping a cake from under the coffee. Trés bon!

I was setting the sauce of the steam rice to be seen in the photo that I'd taken.

The foods menu were heart-catching and it was almost made me difficult to pick up coz almost all of them looked deicious. My Kopi-O! prominenced (South-)Eastern gourmets, from noodle to curry with lotta kinda flavours as its best specialties, and its effort looked so hard to get sympathy of natives, including the elderlies who usually just stop at the column of fried rice. My hunk preferred steam rice, and there it came out, the rice with the sauce which was very savory until you wanna eat the rest of the sauce by your own only.

The mongolian ribs in chinese burger are on the board, next to my toffee coffee, and at the front of my hunk's steam rice. I took the photo by my own cell.

I was held on the chinese burger, which seemed a dough of bakpao molded like a pancake, topped with any topping you like. I preferred Mongolian beef rib as its topping, and then I got two molds of Chinese pancake, which one of them was topped by very delicious beefs in brown-sauce, and the other one was still folded naked. With a bowl of beef and rib sauce over a cutting board, I realized then that My Kopi-O! seemed wanna let me enjoying the chinese burger by showering the beef and the sauce to the pancake according to my own taste.

Now the lady-o is cutting the chinese burger. Bon appetite!

The cafe has opened its other branches at Adityawarman-Surabaya and on Tangerang, and it’s gonna open its another branch in Sungkono Boulevard. Its own site was attractive, cool enough for photo session, and each branches have different interior styles for hanging-out on. Its barista asked us to write a comment each time we visit, and each comment is complimented by a cup of free kopi/teh tarik!

Was my stomach full? Yeaah! I walked out from the place, by holding my hunk’s arm, almost couldn’t hear the barista thanked us, coz I couldn’t stand with balance, thanks to my full stomach..

I think I’d like to try the other branches of My Kopi-O! with other different courses. The wonton noodle was so seductive, and I still wanna tasted that coffee which was stirred with the Irish liquor. Slurrp!

Most photos are taken by Eddy Fahmi.

*kopi/teh tarik = Malaysian coffee/tea, usually also called pulled coffee/tea, usually made from coffee/tea, stirred with condensed milk