On/Off? On Forever?

Among greetings been rushing on these days, one attracted my attention, “Thinking around where da heck I keep my wedding ring? LOL, I’ve never worn it anymore ever since I had my kid..”

It drew me astonished and blew off my mindset. I’ve thought that we’re gonna wear the wedding ring forever, for our lifetime, a thing that they so-called “till death do us part”.

My hunk's ring. Hey, there's my name inside 🙂

When my hunk and me a few weeks ago fooled around in jewellery shops for choosing rings for us, we reached lotta new things to learn. I’ve just understood that the size of gold ring is modifyable, we can make it larger or even smaller to adjust it to its user. It’s common for shops to own the equipment for modifying the size, so ladies don’t need to worry that the ring won’t fit onto her finger when she gets more overweight as she gets pregnant. Some shops even advised me to order the size which is larger than my finger today, to anticipate the future overweight. These days, to make the ring suits the finger, they’ll install extra silicone inside the ring. (I reject the idea coz I think it doesn’t educate girls to prevent obesity in pregnancy).

Ok, there are lotta reasons for not always wearing a wedding ring:
1. Being pregnant. Become fat. So she puts off the ring coz it hurts.
2. Having a surgery. People are not allowed to wear accessories during a surgery.
3. Afraid of lose. The ring is costly, so she just puts it on at the due day. Rest of then, keep it (read: bury it) in the closet.

Which I think, the reasons above ain’t valid enough to prevent us from put the ring on our finger. I still believe on the ancient statement that a ring is a marriage symbol, not just a wedding symbol. A marriage means eternal, so that makes the ring is kept permanently on our finger. Then I should dismiss my own belief coz now I’ll be a surgeon, so I’ll perform surgery a lot, and a rule number one for a physician who’ll perform a surgery is RINGS ARE PROHIBITED. So when I selected the ring, the extra idea came to my mind: My hunk shouldn’t just buy me a ring, but he should think of buying a chain, so during operation I can hang the ring on my neck, LOL..

Well, Fellas, what do you think it supposed to be? Will you put your ring on all the time? Or will you put it on certain moments? Or will you just bury it in the closet with your other bling-blings?

I think, when I’m not in action, I wanna put it on always. Coz I will belong to my husband. All the time, each minutes, forever. 🙂

Photo captured by Eddy Fahmi.