I Hate You Coz.. What-So-Ever!

Some fellas told me that one of my colleague has been so long a public enemy. I don’t know why coz previously I didn’t know her. I was just told by to be warned.

Finally I knew her and decide to act naturally, not making her an enemy for mine, neither. Then I found out why people didn’t like her: They dislike her accent.

Do you know the magic of accent? Only by hearing your accent, people can judge anything about you: smart-ass, stupid, show-off, and so on. You can sound smart just by speaking though actually you’re frankly idiot. You may excitedly inform a useful thing to somebody else, but those who hear you may assume you show off. How they judge you, depends on their perception, and their perception depends on lotta things: environment, IQ, taste, and others. Simple example, you can imagine how a feodalist environment looks at a liberal person.

But I think, hating someone just because of her accent is frankly irrational. Is it fair if you hate anyone just because you assume that her accent is show-off? Is it logic if you dislike anyone just because his accent sounded stupid?

You can’t hate anyone just because you don’t know why, then you blame on her accent. I call it that you hate her because..what-so-ever.

Then I wonder: Shall we need to hate her? Shall we need anyone to be hated?

Coz if they never insult us, then we don’t need to insult them, do we?

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cahya
    May 06, 2012 @ 14:13:01

    Perhaps people can dislike others by accent accidentally, but turning it into hatred is a bit… well, ridiculous.


  2. Cipu
    May 06, 2012 @ 19:08:27

    Well, I think hating a person because of his/her accent is definitely irrational. Ones pick up accent unintentionally, mostly they pick it up in the area where they were raised and there’s nothing they can help to change it. So those who hate a person simply because of his/her accent is not more than the bloody stupid narrow minded morons


    • Vicky Laurentina
      May 06, 2012 @ 19:52:05

      It sucks to find out that some people are born to be narrow minded, Cipu. These kinda people are easy to underestimate others who speak unusual than their own accents. So glad that we’re not one of those morons. :green:


  3. nandobase
    May 11, 2012 @ 19:19:38

    Whoa… I thought it was for real when you say that she was ‘public enemy’. I thought the police’d been chasing her for months!
    Well, we cannot hate someone because of her accent, surely. I believe, all of us must have heard the phrase; ‘Don’t judge the book from its cover’.


  4. natazya
    May 24, 2012 @ 14:40:03

    its ridiculous i know.. yet sometimes i found myself dislike a person for a real shallow reason 😀

    i know someone i dislike for her accent 😆 but the word “hate” is kinda overrated. I wont say hate. I just dislike it, and make peace with myself. I dont really know her in person anyway 🙂


  5. inggit2semut
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 13:46:17

    beberapa orang malah ada yang jadi public enemy hanya karena gaya dia kamseupay dan jelek….


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