Classical Imagination is Over!

Ravenna. “raven” means crow. When this queen got mad, she could change herself into crows

Snow White couldn’t accept that her stepmom had killed her dad and intended to murder her, too. So she escaped from the castle in and outta the Dark Forest, hid in a full-girls village, and finally she was caught by dwarves. Blue to see her people suffered ever since the queen’s tyranny, Snow White walked to turn around to castle for defeating her stepmom. The problem was, the stepmom had just not become a queen, but she was also a schizophrenic raven..

Do you still remember the fairy-tale of Snow White that your mom read for you when you were kids? Now Snow White has been filmed in form of colosal epic and the story had been made over so we couldn’t recognize the Disney’s classical character of Snow White which was tender and stupid coz she didn’t refuse apple from an odd strange lady. The girl in the Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman is described differently, almost always be in tights instead gown and she loves yelling over an horse by leading hundreds soldiers in harness.

The prologue is just the same as we used to hear before, this apple-huge-fan Snow White lost her mom, then her dad married a pretty lady named Ravenna (Charlize Theron, last time I watched her in Astronaut’s Wife. Gosh, long time!). Find out that actually Ravenna was a poor woman who kept revenge to all kinda monarchy and ambition to be a queen. In her wedding eve, Ravenna killed Snow White’s father, smuggled her brother Finn (Sam Spruell) to lead a cruel dark squad, created chaos to make the half people escape, locked Snow White in an isolated tower, and performed coup-d’etat.

Ravenna suffered from schizophrenia, couldn’t deal with reality that people would age, and believed in a rounded mirror which loved fool her that she was the most beautiful lady in the land. Ravenna had been spelled, that she would stay young if she inhaled “youth” of girls. The deep impact was all beautiful girls have been caught, to be sucked by Ravenna, to keep Ravenna shiny and the victims were knocked out.

When once upon a day the mirror talked that Snow White (Kristen Stewart, a little agiler than in Twilight saga) now grew up and prettier than Ravenna, Ravenna couldn’t accept and instructed Finn to kill Snow White. So Finn walked to the prison tower to pick her up. Unexpectedly the prisoner fought and escaped. Then Snow White’s adventure to play hide-and-seek from Finn’s squad began.

Snow White became a fugitive and got lost in the very-barren Dark Forest. Ravenna sent a drunk widower which known as Huntsman to hunt Snow White. The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth, have just seen him last month as Thor), treated to see the swampy Dark Forest, provided himself to chase over the Snow White coz Ravenna promised him to wake up his late wife.

Snow White vs troll. I couldn’t breathe as I watched this scene.

Finally Huntsman realized that Ravenna and Finn cheated on him, so as he found her, he ran away with the girl. The both fugitives dealed with troll, met snakes covered onto trees, till finally they hid in a village of girls with scars on their faces. Why scars? To avoid them from beauty, coz Ravenna would grab them if they were beautiful..

The news of the Snow White’s escape got to the Refugees. William Hammond (Sam Claflin, don’t know, not popular), Snow White’s childhood boyfriend, couldn’t resist for reunion, so he threw himself to Finn to join the hunting. Finn’s squad finally found Snow White in the Scar-Girls village, but they failed to catch Snow White coz the Huntsman snatched her away.

Then Snow White and the Huntsman got arrested by dwarves who hated the Huntsman coz he often robbed their drink. Found out that they had arrested the king’s daughter, they brought those fugitives to the Fairy Forest. There they got the sign that Snow White could reverse Ravenna’s rule and turn the country into the way it used to.

William finally found Snow White there and they reunited. In the morning breeze, she tried to map their platonism relationship and remember how William used to play cheating on her by an apple. When she took William’s apple from his bag and bit it, suddenly she got dyspepsia, then she died..

Snow White leads the refugee’s army to take back their land from Ravenna’s colony.

Why did Snow White’s boyfriend carry any poisonous apple when he flirted with her? Why couldn’t she wake up when she got kissed by the man who loved her? And if Snow White was really dead, why does the trailer keep playing the scene of Snow White in iron outfit defeating the dark squad and fought versus her evil stepmom? You’ll find the answers as you watch the movie 😀

No more the wimpy Bella. Snow White fights and she wants to win.

If you’ve got used to stories ending classically with “the prince and the princess live happily ever after”, watching this version will break up your fantasy. Totally the film feels so gothic, full of scenes in breeze, dark, and thriller. Snow White almost never dress in white, but she dresses more in silver irony. There’s no scene of Snow White wear red headband by smiling with dwarves make fun with her. You could only find Snow White ran in miles with long messy hair and warned-worried eyes. Big appreciate for Charlize Theron who can express agony-classically-cruel face of an evil queen.

Anyway, not to worry, though the fairy tale has been made over, the ending remains happy. And the moral story was clear:
1. The beautiful princess always finds a man to protect her. Though, the man isn’t always suitable to our imagination.
2. Actually, no need for the queen to perform the inhalation procedure as anti-aging, if only she uses Pond’s Anti Aging or L’oreal Revita Lift.. :mrgreen:

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. @zizydmk
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 20:31:56

    Aku suka happy endingnya…. terutama saat dia tahu harus memilih pria yang mana…. 🙂


  2. inggit2semut
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 13:43:52

    ah sayang banget di cirebon belum tayang filmnya 😦
    btw keren bgt itu si kristen stewart pake baju baja


  3. M A Vip
    Jun 18, 2012 @ 14:03:04

    banyak film bagus bulan ini. sampe bingung mana yang lebih utama. dan film ini cukup menarik sejak membaca ulasanya di majalah, cuma belum sempat


  4. tu2t widhi
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 11:23:38

    bagus! chan suka!
    endingnya suka! saya suka ending yang tidak memanjakan keinginan penonton XD


  5. Popi
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 13:32:30

    saya udah nonton film ini. Keren dan ga melulu harus bak Princess story pada umumnya!
    Snow White dibikin lebih ‘gagah’ gini kan cocok banget dengan kondisi wanita sekarang..tangguh!
    tapi sayangnya temen dan ponakanku pada ga suka ceritanya ‘berubah’ gini … 😦


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