The Burnt Out Phenomenon

Happy of being retired.Picture was taken from

Happy of being retired.
Picture was taken from

It was ambition that brings out lotta girls to be doctor about 30 years ago, but when the ambition was beaten by dissatisfaction of reward, the ambition turns into boredom and carry them into early retirement.

The lecture of a Dutch professor in my class today figures how hard to find old doctors who still have willing to go to office and work. The problem is, 50 percents of them are women, and these female doctors reach dissatisfaction about their reward at age of fifties. This is the age when lots of them feel only will work about three days a week, eight hours a day, and rest of the week is just gonna be spent at home, turn into their traditional role as mothers or even grannies.

Then it turns out to a big question, where has the old ambition gone? Where is the ideology of rescuing people, beating the disease, and curing the sufferers that’s been hanging in their minds years ago? The answer is, the ambition has been beaten by the reality that their works are not paid enough by their boss. Statistic shows that in Holland, there are just about 3-6 doctors in every 1000 m2 area, doctor must work until age of 65, and the pension fund is paid to those retires by share. You can imagine if lotta people retired in your age, then today Holland has been dealing with recession ever since recent 10 years, that means you must share the pension fund with lotta people. If you can consider that your pension share can’t balance your pension budget, then you find out that your job isn’t as fun as it used to be, then the best strategy you can perform is apply your retirement letter earlier. That’s why these ladies wanna retire by age of 50-55, 10 years earlier than the definite retirement age, and coz about 50% female doctors do this nowadays, they call it “burnt-out”.

Most of Dutch doctors still believe that old recall of being a traditional wife is behind this burnt-out phenomenon. But I still consider that feminisation plays a bigger role. These ladies are just dissatisfied of their reward that they have gained.

Actually, it makes an additional issue, coz it will make women are hard to be employed. Not just doctors, but also in other field. Women will be granted as lousy coz they will hide behind the reason of caring their children and hubbies. Women will be accused that they can’t work toughly coz they are susceptible for menopause, menstrual pain, or even just a pregnancy. It will make women hard to get job coz in lotta situations it has been proven that women can’t be faith into their work (read: the trust that given to them).

I believe that girls like us must know the meaning of faith and which way that we will bring our faith to, to our family or to our work. If you have stated yourself to be a full-time mom someday, then never apply yourself to any job vacancies coz you’ll never be able to perform your job excellently. But if you have already had a job and then you raise a family, you have responsibility to solve your job well until the time that you have settled in. Means, early retirement shouldn’t be in your mind. Remember how many other people in the world still suffer from unemployed and dying to have just a small job for earn a money.

Thanking, is supposed to be part of our daily life. And in a big scale, it’s supposed to prevent Holland from the burnt out phenomenon.

And how do you think about it? ;-)

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