Letter from Grandpa

Because internet is the best place for me to keep documents.

Mom and my sister found this letter when they were housekeeping today. Written in 1998, I was 16 and my sister (Heidy, mentioned in the letter) was 13. Grandpa seemed aware that his handwriting was too sophisticated to read, so he wrote to us by type machine. It was a short letter, he just wanted to thank us coz we had sent him a birthday card a few days before (my parents always taught us to send birthday cards to our grandpas and grandmas annually).

I’ve even got over the letter.

Thank you, Grandpa, to have taught me to write letters as media for expressing my feelings. Thank you to have spent your time for buying stamps and throwing a letter into mailbox just to thank me and my sister.

Beauty Hills, actually is translation for Bukit Indah, a district in Pamulang, border of Tangerang-Jakarta, where my Grandpa lived. Grandpa died in 2003 due to heart disease.