This Place is Swarming

It was almost 10 minutes that we took to get into parking building in a great mall in Surabaya. As usual at Sunday, the mall was swarming and almost the half town piled up there. Lotta visitors, lotta cars, traffic jam on the main entrance. My hunk struggled with the jam, his legs stepped among brake pedal and gas pedal, while his ears tried to keep listening to my chit chat.

I never drive, I always give all of ride things to him. He is the one who takes battle with the jam and the parking, I never care about it. So in the hectic situation as this, I always try to keep his mood well, not down.

Dear wives, never mess up when your hubbies beside you is dealing with jams. Actually it’s a real emotional battle for them.

And how do you think about it? ;-)

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