Attracting Those with Hijabs

make up 1The Body Shop is upholding “Me, Hijab and the Body Shop”. They ask the contestants to wear hijab, then snapshooting their own looks before making up. Then they want the contestants to put on make up (certainly they’re expected to use Body Shop products), and then the contestants will re-snapshoot. Then the before-and-after make-up photos are uploaded.
I assume this as Body Shop’s effort for using moment of Ramadhan to rule the new marketing segment, which as girls with hijab. I don’t even understand the association between hijab and Body Shop, however Body Shop sells cosmetics, not hijabs. Probably Body Shop is trying to compete with its competitor, Wardah. It’s definitely clear that Wardah put hijab girls as its target. In their commercial tagline, Wardah declares its product as “halal” cosmetics.
Nobody ever wonders that a cosmetic must be halal. It’s just nowadays, ever since Wardah begins to rise into surface of cosmetic market, especially since they succeed making over the co-stars of X-Factor Indonesia, people start to aware about halal cosmetics. Even Mustika Ratu, which has been popular as top-rated traditional cosmetic, also campaigns their products as halal. I still need to learn about what halal cosmetic is. Is un-halal cosmetic created from pig’s secrete?

Anyway, I appreciate positively the Indonesian cosmetic industry which is now not skeptic to put girls who cover their hair to be commercial star. Indonesia is the only muslim-majority country which let the girls express themselves in art of fashion. It’s just a matter of time until any swimsuit industry which has a will for performing that kind of segment to be their model.

But the thing which matters most, in hijab or not, never feel unpretty whough you’re not in make up. And never use make up for attracting men, coz men never can differ whether we smear eye-shadow or not. Make up your face, make over what you like, and be the favorite of yours, not just for being the favorite of your crush.
You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can’t bring you down..

Picture is taken from here.