A Grey Dusty Valentine


My neighbour’s cars were covered by dust.

This morning.

I was hooked up with my hunk as my friend from Bandung texted me to ask whether I was allright. She told me that she read on internet that it had been dust rain in Surabaya and the rain had turned the city into mess. Lazily I got up from my bed and opened up the window. Then I gaped to my hunk’s car already covered by dust, and the ride was never been that dirty ever since we got home from post-erupted Bromo at 2011.

Speaking about eruption..


The dust covered the corner of the streets on Surabaya.

Me and my hunk opened up the timeline and the headline tweeted that Kelud erupted last nite. The rain had blown the volcanic dust into Surabaya and Yogyakarta, pushed the local authority to close the airports and delay almost the half flights on Indonesia.

Surabaya is a seashore city in East Java, located about 160 kms from Kelud Mount. The distant location from volcanic belt avoided the city from earthquake, the odd windy pattern made the city almost never taste rainy season. So if it rains heavily and any volcano affect the city, it will turn into endless trending topics on the neighbourhood.


A couple carried their daughter riding against the dust.

So we decided to jump into our machine and ride around Surabaya. The view of the city was covered by thin layer of grey, it looked like it had been snowy but it was just dust. Almost all car looked grainy in grey. Bikers were running on the street in their raincoat, helmet, and masks.

The radio kept speeching and warning all of the citizen to put masks on their face in each kinda outdoor activities. Some teachers hummed to postpone school to protect children from volcanic dust aspiration.

My colleagues of pulmonary center campaigned that volcanic dust was approximately 0.1 micron-size dust which could make sedimentation in alveoli. It’s a kinda dust which would be so hard-to-erase if we aspire them, not like any common dust in our house. That’s why all people are warned to set up the masks.

My hunk drove to find out chemists. We found one or two, but I walked back from the doors coz on the front doors they put papers written “Sorry, we’ve ran out of masks!” Holy shit, it’s just already 7 a.m.


People still work for living.

However the city pushed the lives to keep going on. Some city gardeners must work on the street in mask and coat coz the heavy rain had shaken some big trees and they fell down on boulevard. Some little children in mask had crawled on the traffic light offering local newspaper with Kelud eruption on the headlines. Some grocer in mask had hung out on the corner of lanes, waiting for loyal housewife customers by brushing their vegetables, to show up that their greens were still clean from greys..

My hunk still works today and I push him to put on the only mask we have. It will be a special housekeeping for me today coz I can’t stand the slippery floor of the dust. Laundry piles up in my bedroom and I don’t know when it will be safe to dry them up outside. I really wish the dust will be over soon.

By the time I read my timeline further, I just remember that this is February 14. This is Valentine. A Valentine, with fifty shades of grey.

Truth about Flappy Bird

This kinda bird does make people wonder. The problem is, me and my hunk don’t play games a lot. In fact I just avoid games coz my past addiction to Zuma drove me delaying shower.

But all the people in Path talked about Flappy Bird, so I began to wonder. Finally I installed it, just because I remember my doctor’s advice, “Never you hate anything that you don’t know well”.

And even after I installed it, I ignored the bird. I wasn’t brave enough to open it. Instead, I wasn’t into it. This moment I’m crawling about lots of veggie recipes, and about funds, so I don’t give a damn care about Flappy Bird.

But one night I was stuck. It was midnite, I couldn’t fall asleep, while my hunk had been sunk on our bed. I’d got seven kinda different ready-to-try-on recipes for next week. And I’d began to remember which investment manager whose transparancy was miserable. I opened up the tablet, and a green-background bird icon seemed waving aroung on the corner of the screen.

I opened up the bird. It was an easy job. Just taping the screen with my finger tip. The bird flew high and low. I hadn’t blinked on my eye, suddenly the bird hit the pipe, then.. pluck. It was dead!

Huh? Just hitting that thing and it just fell down?

I tried it more. The bird flew again. This time I tried to avoid it from the pipe. But it was too excited. Over excited to control the velocity and..pluck. It fell again.

Weaky bird! I started to upset. I tried it more. The bird hit the pipe again. More effort. The bird could avoid the pipe. But the pipe wasn’t over, it had flown again. And hit the pipe again. Damn it!

What dafuq kinda game is this??

I didn’t know whom I must be angry to. Should I be mad about the bird or my own finger??

Next day, my hunk asked me passionately. He wanna show off that he had reached the fifth level. Him: “Have you tried the game?”
Me: “Yes, I have.”
Him: “Which level are you now?”
I didn’t wanna speak. I just rose my index finger. He laughed out loud.

Yesterday I was ironing. I heard my hunk returned from work, then he threw his body to the couch. A few minutes later, he shouted out, “SIX!!”

Holy God.

Disclaimer: Flappy bird is excellent for you if you wanna train yourself for playing drum. Or for engineers of gadget screen who testing the screen power. But not advisable much for you if you have emotional problem. It will drive you nuts. Powered by Telkomsel BlackBerry®