Scent of A Taxi

The thing why I never bought car air freshener for my hunk, coz I thought he would not like the smell. When people has already considered perfume as a part of fashion, that includes air freshener for car.

My cousin Itta (35) ride a taxi once upon a time. When she was already inside the car, she was stunned to smell the air freshener. She realized that she did not like it, but she could not get out of the car coz it was hard to get any other taxi at the moment. So she insisted to hold her breath during the journey. When she already arrived, she thanked God the journey was over and she felt like being reborn. She noted the name of the taxi and she swore that she would never take the brand again to ride.

In another day, she must take a taxi again. This time she rang up another brand. The car then came up and she got in. And guess what, the car was also air-freshened and she could not stand the smell!

What da hell..?

Itta thought that taxis should use free perfume air-freshener coz not all customer like car perfume.

I said actually it’s the drivers’ trick to cover the driver bad scent :p

Coz in my city, a taxi company provides a hotline number for customers to complain if the driver who takes them is smellie.

Dear Itta, perhaps if you read this, I think you should put a mask on your face when you must take a taxi. 😀