Brave to Be Dirty

These days, parents are just afraid that their children will get stained.

I was born in a very clean family. My mom is a maniac of cleanness, so she taught me to be always clean. I remember when I was a kid, if I just came home from outside, she always made sure that I have cleaned up my legs and my arms before I ate, especially before I got to bed.

I was once interested to the gardening work of my mom’s maid. Our backyard was not really spacious, but my mom had the maid plant chilli right there. She did it to save the housing budget from buying chilli in the market. Chilli is one of Indonesian favorite spice and my parents cannot eat without it.

Once the six-year-old of me neared the maid to grab the seed, but my mom forbid me to get closer. She said the seed was contained of soil and the soil would stain my hand. She might let me stay for watching, but I thought observing was not my favorite action coz I did not do any thing.

I never had any idea how long the seed took time to grow and produce mature chili.

I grew up to be a doctor and I never got interested in farming, especially chili farming. But when I began to be an housewife and realized how one of two pieces of chili can save almost of main courses in my Indonesian home, I got the idea, it would be very interesting if I could provide my own chili in our backyard.

But I could not plant it coz I did not know how to. 😦

And it was not the only one point. I never knew how it took a big patience to plant a plantation, to make it grow and produce things such as leaves, fruits, stains, and even flowers. The same principle goes in investment, how we save a little bucks and it grows into grands. It takes time and patience, and that’s the main point we should learn from investment. The main point that can be learnt by a kid, from gardening.

And I do remember, my mom did not let me gardening coz she was afraid that I would get dirty.

I believe the other moms do the same to their children.

If I have children someday, I will let them stain themselves to make them learning about gardening. Coz by gardening, my children can be inspired about a lot of things rather than just growing a piece of chili.