Are You A Syiah or Sunni?

When the president election was trending, there’s an interesting vocab to me, Syiah. Coz Joko Widodo was rumoured as a Syiah Muslim.

Me, a born muslim, got confused. Was I a Syiah Muslim or Sunni Muslim? Coz I never knew that Islamic appliance could be differed according to its leader, its location, its ethnic, or so on.

What my religion teacher taught me on the second grade was, a Muslim must swore two syahadat sentences, shalat, fasting, paying zakat, and going pilgrimage. Not like the others, I haven’t done the last point coz I still invest for it. Is there any different between Syiah and Sunni for those five points? Such as, discount for fasting, probably? More

I Can’t Read Your Poker Face

My teacher, a psycholog, said that the sexual harrasment which happened to a student in the kindergarten at Jakarta two months ago, could be predisposed by the disability of the boy of recognizing the signs of danger. He let his teacher and some janitors abused him coz he did not know that it endangered him.

The psycholog also said that normally a four-year-old kid could recognize if an adult intended to rape him. This did not happen to the victim and it was abnormal. And, surprisingly, this is common to young people nowadays. Young adult and kids today have trouble in reading nonverbal expressions. They could not understand anybody else’s communication except if it involves words. It means that, they must be told verbally that someone is getting angry or sad to them, or even gonna threat them, to let them know.

What did predispose this?

One significant factor was gadgets. Kids and young adult now are getting used to always hold their gadget. They spend a lot of their times to look at their LCD on their hands. And the worse thing is, they keep looking at their gadget while someone else is talking to them.

The psycholog even told me that a research has been developed to explain this. It said that, compared to kids who do not always hold gadget all the time, there was delayment of awaring danger to those kids who was stucked on their gadget.

I am shocked that I am not surprised about it. Delayment of awaring danger tends to inability of demonstrating their expression. And also tends to inability of recognizing anybody else’s expression.

No wonder the kindergarten kid could let himself sexually abused. He cannot read those adult’s poker face.