Are You A Syiah or Sunni?

When the president election was trending, there’s an interesting vocab to me, Syiah. Coz Joko Widodo was rumoured as a Syiah Muslim.

Me, a born muslim, got confused. Was I a Syiah Muslim or Sunni Muslim? Coz I never knew that Islamic appliance could be differed according to its leader, its location, its ethnic, or so on.

What my religion teacher taught me on the second grade was, a Muslim must swore two syahadat sentences, shalat, fasting, paying zakat, and going pilgrimage. Not like the others, I haven’t done the last point coz I still invest for it. Is there any different between Syiah and Sunni for those five points? Such as, discount for fasting, probably?

Iran is excommunicated by other countries coz most habitant of the country held Syiah as its religion. The excommunicans are muslims, too. This thing confuses me. Can believing as a Syiah Muslim endanger anybody else?

The rumour that Joko Widodo is a Syiah does not bother me. Coz I don’t know what da heck Syiah is all about..

Besides, concept of Syiah-and-Sunni is not sexy enough for trending topic in Indonesia. It does more matter if a group ruins a legal nightclub, or blocking a website without confirmation just because accusing it as porn.

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  1. Didut
    Jul 31, 2014 @ 12:48:46

    untung di Katolik gak ada Syiah maupun Sunni xixixixi~



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