I Hate You Coz.. What-So-Ever!

Some fellas told me that one of my colleague has been so long a public enemy. I don’t know why coz previously I didn’t know her. I was just told by to be warned.

Finally I knew her and decide to act naturally, not making her an enemy for mine, neither. Then I found out why people didn’t like her: They dislike her accent.

Do you know the magic of accent? Only by hearing your accent, people can judge anything about you: smart-ass, stupid, show-off, and so on. You can sound smart just by speaking though actually you’re frankly idiot. You may excitedly inform a useful thing to somebody else, but those who hear you may assume you show off. How they judge you, depends on their perception, and their perception depends on lotta things: environment, IQ, taste, and others. Simple example, you can imagine how a feodalist environment looks at a liberal person.

But I think, hating someone just because of her accent is frankly irrational. Is it fair if you hate anyone just because you assume that her accent is show-off? Is it logic if you dislike anyone just because his accent sounded stupid?

You can’t hate anyone just because you don’t know why, then you blame on her accent. I call it that you hate her because..what-so-ever.

Then I wonder: Shall we need to hate her? Shall we need anyone to be hated?

Coz if they never insult us, then we don’t need to insult them, do we?