Konro, Shall We?

The best thing I adore mostly from Surabaya is the truth that in one city I can find lotta delicous foods, not just those yummies from Eastern Java, but also origin food from other places in Indonesia. Last week my hunk took me escaping to another side of Surabaya, it was on Tanjung Perak, near the harbour to taste konro. Do you know what da heck konro is? Konro is a kinda rib soup originated made by Bougesse, dished in a brown soup which is full of spices such as keluwek.

It was the only Bougesse restaurant that we found in Tanjung Perak, and the restaurant only sold two kinds of foods in their menu: konro soup and saudara soup. We decided to order both of them, and the purchase came only in Β five minutes. When those soups came to our table, I just got smacked right onmy heart: The portion was a crap. That’s too huge!

The small bowl at left was saudara soup. The bigger bowl behind was konro, it differed from saudara soup coz konro showed its bone and you can suck it up. And the red one was pallu butung ice.

And I had just already ordered pallu butung ice. It was some kinda fruity ice dished in a bowl, consisted of banana pieces sunk in red syrup mixed with milk.

I was gonna complained to the chef because they only provided small portion of the rice that I ordered. I decided to shut up my mouth and waited till I ate them all.

Me and my hunk swept it all only less than 15 minutes. Nope. He stopped first, but I ate the rest of the food. Exactly such like a starving eagle.

Then I understood why they only provided small rice. Eating a bowl of konro soup and a bowl of saudara soup, absolutely made my stomach full. And the pallu butung ice was excellent.

My hunk told me that I looked enjoying the food. He must had been joking. I called that konro place: paradise. πŸ™‚

Dear beginners, you might haven’t known which one you should prefer, konro soup or saudara soup, coz the ingredients are just the same. Konro highlights bone, while saudara soup doesn’t. Konro is best to eat if you hang out with your friends for fun, but if you’re still embarassed enough to eat digitally with your boyfriens’ parents, then I suggest you saudara soup instead.

Oh, it’s really a huge portion of konro, so in my humble opinion, one portion is appropriate to be eaten by four people at once, not just one or two.

Eddy Fahmi captures me eating konro like an eagle. Please don't try this at home. This, I mean capturing me, not eating konro.

So, shall I still need to fly to South Celebes only for tasting konro, if I just can find it easily in Surabaya?