Every Girls Need Flat Shoes

Model: Little Laurent.
Shoes: The Little Things She Needs.

High heels might’ve made you look taller, boots might’ve made you look more gorgeous. Β But you still need flat shoes coz sometimes you need to perform with no burden. And you can still trick the flat shoes to make you attrace effortessly.

Buying a couple of comfy pretty shoes is a right investment to keep your mood high all day long.

Foot Naked

Leave your shoes aside. Let your feet play on!


As all football players are obsessed to star the commercial of Nike or Adidas shoes, these boys just played seriously and left their footwear somewhere else.

Does wearing shoes affect to someone’s quality of performance in football?

Location: Darmo Boulevard, Surabaya.

I Don’t Like Crocs!

I don't like these shoes.

I don’t like these shoes.

Or, I just don’t even get it why people love these shoes which tip are round and fat, and holey, with overbright colors. So not pretty and it looked childish. So why do people keep hunting these shoes? Aren’t there any prettier footwears? I don’t even wanna have one though I get it for free.

By the way, if you wonder, Crocs is on sale in Sabuga, Bandung, Indonesia, and it’s discounted for 70%. Only until December 5th. Little tip for you: Don’t forget to bring your portable chair. It’s a long queue. :p

And this is not advertisement!