I Hate You Coz.. What-So-Ever!

Some fellas told me that one of my colleague has been so long aย public enemy. I don’t know why coz previously I didn’t know her. I was just told by to be warned.

Finally I knew her and decide to act naturally, not making her an enemy for mine, neither. Then I found out why people didn’t like her: They dislike her accent.

Do you know the magic of accent? Only by hearing your accent, people can judge anything about you: smart-ass, stupid, show-off, and so on. You can sound smart just by speaking though actually you’re frankly idiot. You may excitedly inform a useful thing to somebody else, but those who hear you may assume you show off. How they judge you, depends on their perception, and their perception depends on lotta things: environment, IQ, taste, and others. Simple example, you can imagine how a feodalist environment looks at a liberal person.

But I think, hating someone just because of her accent is frankly irrational. Is it fair if you hate anyone just because you assume that her accent is show-off? Is it logic if you dislike anyone just because his accent sounded stupid?

You can’t hate anyone just because you don’t know why, then you blame on her accent. I call it that you hate her because..what-so-ever.

Then I wonder: Shall we need to hate her? Shall we need anyone to be hated?

Coz if they never insult us, then we don’t need to insult them, do we?

Boss Needs A Friend

A thing that can upset you in the morning is when you’ve got a wake-up call and the one in the phone is your boss. The anger gets doubled coz boss phones you coz he wanna see you. Then the anger gets tripled coz you (and your boss) know that it is holiday.

My friend was furious some time ago, coz in a holiday, his boss phoned and asked him for meeting. No, it wasn’t about some shitty worksheet, but it was coz boss asked him to exercise with him.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Actually, his company has got a regularly scheduled sport program, and as a faithfull staff, my friend always attend the event. Well, suddenly in a holiday, his boss invited him for exercise. It sounds that the company’s sport schedule doesn’t make all of its staff strong enough to be its man.

Thank God my friend obeys his boss. So in a holiday where he shoulda been able to wake up lately, he must spend the day in the court, pursuing the ball with his dearly boss. He wanna grouse, but he was afraid to be fired. But his heart wasn’t sincere to go out with his boss..

I’m interested more to the boss’ motive. Why should the boss phone my friend to accompany him exercise? In fact, my friend was just an employee whose rank was far beyond the boss. Didn’t the boss have any friend whose level as same as him, to go out together?

Then I found out, the boss doesn’t have any friend.

Higher someone’s position, more he looks like an ivory tower. Harder he’s reached by lotta people, coz there are only certain people can touch him. And we know that in any company, there are more staffs than boss. Results, when boss wanna do something silly that he can’t do alone, let’s say it for example, that he wanna hang out in Starbucks or he just wanna play water polo, he should ask his friends who are also boss. (While boss is getting older, it’s getting harder to ask him for going out anywhere. Water polo is heavy sport. And caffeine ain’t good for old man.) And what’s the alternative if the boss associate aren’t available for hanging out? Boss only can ask out his staffs.

Found out, being boss ain’t always cool. You’re ready or not, there’s invinsible distance stretched among boss and staff, make staff ashame to boss. Feeling shame makes staff shy to refuse, though actually staff is dying to say No. But it feels shame if higher someone’s position, then his demand for branding image is getting higher, so it’s more difficult to him to find any playmate, coz the playmate “must” be as level as him.

I wanna be a boss, coz I wanna hold more people to make friends. Not to make people slowly walk away from me coz of their low esteem.