Expatriate, Beware!

If a stranger calls you stupid, are you just gonna shut up your mouth? If a stranger humiliates your race, are you just gonna keep quiet? Well, I’m not. I’d refuse, whether frontally or painfully fine. That’s why I can understand how a humiliation remarked a staff may result to a serious riot.

Three days ago, an Indian-Singaporean supervisor in a dockyard company at Batam, Riau Islands, insulted an Indonesian worker by saying, “Indonesian are stupid.” The Indonesian was offended, then he got pissed off. Those people fought, then the other workers saw it, they got provoked and it escalated into a riot. The riot turned into serious problems, lotta factory’s equipment got damaged, and the factory couldn’t operate efficiently. Lotta workers must stay home, while some expatriates (which mostly were Indians) refuge to Singapore for avoiding the possibility of backlash. The Indian supervisor which humiliated first, got arrested by local police, and he must face possibility of being jailed up to seven years.

Security officers observe a car damaged during a riot at a shipbuilding company PT Drydocks World Graha on Batam Island. At least 45 Indian expatriates were evacuated from the commotion on Thursday. – Antara/Jo Seng Bie. Photo taken from http://thejakartapost.com

Perhaps, if only Indonesian workers weren’t paid too cheaply, compared to foreign engineers which were paid too much, then it wouldn’t accumulate jealousy in Indonesian workers which turned into a huge rage. But I don’t concern to it. I think, whatever the reasons are, we can’t let a stranger humiliates us, not in our own home(-land). That’s why the main issue of the case ain’t the raging labors which felt unpaid much, but it’s about an Indian Singaporean which has offended Indonesian on the land of Indonesia.

Once I asked a friend of mine, a lawyer, could I state anyone if he/she humiliated me? The lawyer said, I could do it by a statement that the person has done something unpleasant which hurt my feeling. So could the insulted labor report to police just because an Indian had called him stupid? I’m sure that the labor felt hardly offended, he hated of being called stupid, not from someone who came from a nation whose movies seemed often solving problems only by dancing.

I told my mom, police might laugh at me if I report to them only because I’m offended by being called as stupid. Then my mom said, “If you call me stupid just because I can’t upload photo to internet, I’ll report you to Commission of Human Rights!”

Never mess up by calling someone as stupid. We’ve seen it, just because an Indian couldn’t shut up his too-big mouth, a dockyard company must lose materials up to a million US dollars.

Wherever you go, any territorial you come to, please give your respect to the local custom rule there. Expatriates, beware about your behavior if you come to Indonesia.

When Being Tanned is Not Handsome

My dad went to mosque yesterday for Friday praying. It was really sunny and I looked at him in pity. I really wanna tell him to drive to mosque instead so he didn’t need to walk under the sun. But it was too close between my place and the mosque just for gasoline wasting. In my dad’s position, usually I’d bring an umbrella, but this was the essential difference between women and men: Women bring umbrella, while men don’t.

Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard with SPF 20

Actually my grandparents aren’t too dark, but sometimes my dad’s fishing hobby got him too much sun-bathing. It made him got tanned coz he was burnt by the sun.

If I complained to my male fellas, they must have been laughing out loud. “Let us tanned, we don’t need to be fair to look handsome!”

I don’t see the correlation between being tanned and being handsome. Some people just looked handsome when they were tanned, and being fair just made them looked like queer. But I dislike if the sunlight made skin looked dull like a person hasn’t been taking shower for weeks.

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Ultraviolet ray also contributes for skin cancer. And skin cancer is the fourth cancer which killed often after cervical, breast, and lung cancers.

That’s why actually we need sunblock. Not coz we don’t like looking dark. But it’s for protecting our skin from the exaggerated UV ray. We’re lucky the market sells lotta cosmetic products containing UV screen. But it’s not really good coz the product is always for female.

Why is there no anti UV product for male? Man can’t use anti UV cream for women coz those kinda products always contain feminine floral fragrance. I wish sometimes cosmetic factories make anti UV cream for men with masculine fragrance, such as fragrance of woods, chocolate, or even durian.

Do you know how to prevent men from being tanned if they sunbathe too much? Coz those men look too lazy to bring umbrella.

Yupz. He’s Gay.

I never forget the World Cup of 1998. That’s the first time I love football. The first time I assume that football is a parade of sweaty handsome guys. The first time I also believe that football is a religion.

I remember the cute men who became the legends of along the though competition. David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Paolo Maldini. But there was only one man that I remember mostly from, and ironicly he wasn’t a footballer. He was Ricky Martin.

The Puerto Rican guy sang the theme song of World Cup, it was titled The Cup of Life. The song was really well-known, sung in three versions: English, French, and Spanish. Nobody sang the hooray song better than Ricky Martin. And by the song, Ricky turned into the most adorable male solo singer of the year.

He performed more stunningly in Maria. His Vuelve album which contained those songs, were sold out like peanuts. As his next album which was his own self-title boomed, his sexy image became iconic. His video clip, Livin’ La Vida Loca, became one of my favorite clips, coz right there, Ricky was so hot and melted my heart. Especially in the scene as those girls poured wine on his chest (yes, men, I know how the scene made you sick!). I still remember the verse:

I woke up in New York City in a funky cheap hotel,

she took my heart and she took my money,

she must’ve slipped me a sleeping pill..

She never drinks the water, but makes you order French champagne,

once you’ve had a taste of her, you’ll never be the same,

yeah, she’ll make you go insane..

He was so handsome. His eyes were provocative. His lips were seducing. He made me wanna shake his bon bon. I’d never found any male singer as that hot except Jordan Knight and Bryan Adams.

I collected his posters. I clipped his pictures in magazine, then I stick them in my physics and biology notes. I got embarrassed as my teacher checked up my notebook. Coz neither Newton force formulas nor blood circulation route they found, but they just found pictures of Ricky Martin instead.

But my sister said that he was odd. He loved wearing tights. When he was topless, he loved showing off his chest. And the most annoying thing was, he wasn’t often announced dating ladies. Though there were lotta girls crazy about him, including me.

If you see a very handsome guy and being mad about by women but he really doesn’t have a girlfriend, then you’ve got to be suspicious that he may dislike woman.

And two days ago, I got shocked. A friend told me, that it was true that Ricky Martin was gay. Explained in his official site, Ricky confessed that he was homosexual and he was proud of it.

Though, he had sons. We all watched him wrong. I forgot, if the baby comes from gestational surrogacy, then the father may not love pussy.

I’m upset. My heart’s broken. And I’m so blue. Why is my adorable idol gay? And.. why are all handsome and hot guys always gay?!

Now, the sexiness of Ricky Martin is only just a memory. All of hot aura that he’s been shading from him ain’t for seducing women. The truth is, all he’s ever wanted, only men.

She’ll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain,

She’ll make you live her crazy life,

but she’ll take away your pain, like a bullet to your brain..